Newly, my little lively hound that was dropped and chose me

by AJJ

He came off the road, unwanted, complete with fleas and worms, way underweight. I had noticed this white, black and brown hound at my neighbor's house while mowing my yard. I wondered why they'd have a dog as they weren't dog lovers at all.

Sure enough, later they'd chased him away and he was standing looking at me out in my front yard. I sat down on my porch and called him and he bounded up, overjoyed that someone wanted him. Then I carried him around back to introduce him to my other dogs.

Once I'd fed him and gotten rid of his fleas, and wormed him, he took off growing. Little fella was so glad to have a home. My girlfriend said, "You got a new dog." That was what we called him until I changed it to "Newly."

Wow, what a live wire he was! He tore up everything he could get hold of. No wonder he'd been dropped, I thought.

Running was what he loved. We would go back in the woods every day and he'd run and run, hill to hill. Never leaving too far.

I had him about 4 years, and he was the light of my life. On February 11 he chased a dog that was in our yard onto the road and was struck and killed. I have been so depressed and sad. I just can't imagine something so full of life dying so young.

He was my buddy and I'd gained his trust. He minded me and I never dreamed he'd not listen when he saw the strange dog and continue to chase him into the truck's path. I yelled so hard it strained my voice. He just kept on and I was horrified when he was struck and lay there dead in seconds.

God I miss him so much.

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So sorry
by: Kathy

That is such a tragic way to lose a pet. I am so sorry for your loss and understand exactly how you feel. I think God takes all animal souls to heaven and they are there waiting for us to reunite one day.

So sad
by: Anonymous

Please know that so many other care. It's such a hard loss, losing a dog. I am so glad that you got to have Newly in your life and that Newly had you in his.

For your broken heart
by: connie

I am so sorry about your companion. I lost my collie in September and my heart is now ready for another companion dog. I am going to the rescue sites to find the one who needs our home.

Take care, they really never leave.

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