My Tribute To My Best Friend Harley

by Roxanne "Tenney" Koskela

My Boy Harley

My Boy Harley

Harley from the time I saw you at the animal shelter when you were just 5 months old, I knew you were the one. With your big brown eyes and your blonde hair and the way you tilted your head, I knew you were the one for me!

Your Aunt Renee and I took you to her place (this was in Hillsbourgh County FL). You laid on her lap and "you knew" you were home! I'll never forget all your puppy dog kisses and how you'd fall asleep on my stomach! You loved everyone and everyone loved you!

I remember all the times you'd sleep with me and just "love on me" (with your kisses). Especially if I was crying, you licked away my tears! Your Grandma and Grandpa loved you like you were their grandkid too!:)

You never met a person you didn't love! All your aunts and uncles and cousins loved you so much too! You were so gentle with the little kids. Oh how they loved you!

Your Vet and Robin, the assistant, thought you were the best dog they ever met! Everyone always said "Wow! What a great dog. I wish I could find one just like him!"

But you see, there will never be another Harley, as you were meant just for me! I am blessed. God blessed me with a wonderful dog!

I'll never forget my Aunt Tootsie, who doesn't care for dogs too much, who said "he is an amazing dog" and "I Love him!" :) <3

I love you. You were my best friend! Mommy will miss you so much! But I know I will see you again in heaven!<3

Good by my best friend! With all my love, your Mommy.

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My Cousin
by: jessy

So sweet! Harley, you had a very dedicaited mother who loved you more than anyone can know. She was not able to have children so you were hEr child.

Even though you are not here, you still will always be her boy. We love you. You will be greatly missed by a lot of people. You truly are a great, well behaved dog!

May you rest in peace Harley. We love you :)

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