My Tilly Girl. Always Humble. Always Content.

by Gregory J. Griffin
(Richmond VA)

My Tilly girl

My Tilly girl

The short three years I had Tilly in my life made me see just how much she meant to me when I had to say goodbye. Her first seven years, which contained abuse, neglect and lack of purpose, brought only joy, happiness and peace in her final years. I couldn't help to feel some guilt at how humble, content and simple Tilly was.

Being a dog was of no importance, for any human being could learn a great deal from my Tilly girl. She never made herself seem as an annoyance and her well mannered behavior made her that much more of a great dog. I'm convinced that I will never again come across a dog who even compares to Tilly. Everything about her was kind and pure.

I become very disturbed when I have to think that our time didn't have to be so short. Tilly died due to complications from erlichia. She wasn't diagnosed until a couple weeks before her death. She probably had the disease for some time. My financial situation and lifestyle prevented me from getting Tilly all the proper health care a dog needs and deserves. That is the only negative I can possibly take from my dog's death.

She made me display more love than I knew I was capable of. I couldn't have imagined how sad, lonely, empty, and dark my life would be without her. My dog Tilly made me a better person. To own a dog like Tilly, only to abuse and abandon her, says a lot about who you are. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of evil that would have to be infested in a person to raise a hand at sweet old Tilly. I think how lucky I was to have been able to provide a great life for a dog who otherwise didn't think existed.

I miss you girl. I still keep expecting to see you napping on the bed when I get home. The minute I'm reminded that you're gone, my whole world crumbles. You came into my life only to give me knowledge, compassion, love and understanding. I don't know of any human being capable of those lessons. As a humble quiet dog, you probably can't begin to imagine the impact you had on my life.

I love you, miss you and will never forget you. I know you're loving the fact that you've been able to rest peacefully the last week. You came and went in a blink of an eye, leaving an impact that will last forever.

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by: Mike

Sorry to read of your Tilly's passing. I know how you feel.

That is so sad
by: allie

i am so sorry to here about that. My dog died too. I can't get over it and probably never will. And you may not either.

I am so so sorry. I wish I could do something about it!

by: tom


I come to this site often to read other people's stories of their friends that they have lost. I lost my buddy Ned 2 1/2 months ago and every day I think of him. I know how you feel and I hope it gets better for you.

A friend told me to listen for Ned's bark in the wind and he will also come to me in your dreams. I am waiting. Tilly will see you again.

Best of Luck,

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