My tale of Molly - a love story

by Sharon Stauffer
(Emmaus, PA)

A great day on the beach

A great day on the beach

You came into my life at 6 mos. of age. One fuzzy, rambunctious, naughty, golden retriever. So full of life and the biggest personality I have yet to see in a dog. I was the only person your previous owner called back, it was to be our destiny to be together.

I taught you how to sing to a dumb little song and everyone that knew you would sing it to you just to listen to you. You were so vocal and full of life. You never lost your puppy fur. Your legs looked like a furry bear.

You let us play dress up with you, always being patient with us as we threw the covers over your head, put reindeer antlers on you, dressed you up with sunglasses and visors or painted your toenails. You are even featured with me in an article of the Prevention magazine.

Taken from us so suddenly, I prayed in that waiting room that I would have the strength to make the decision. I always said that if anything happened to you, put me away, I wouldn't be able to bear the grief. It is so hard, so very hard, for all of us.

You always made us smile because you were so goofy. Standing at the door, whole body wagging, so proud of your conquest of finding a mouse and holding it in your mouth. Chasing the seagulls in the ocean at the beach. Swimming with your big paws splashing everybody only to come out and then roll in the mud or the sand. You were so ticklish, if we hit the right spot we could give you a whole body shiver. Or just scratching at your back would make you do the two step or get weak in the knees.

You slept with us every night, all 100 pounds of you, usually spooning up to us. I remember holding the shower curtain and you willingly jumped in while Megan was taking a shower. Your 9 1/2 years with us have given us a lifetime of memories.

I will never forget you, my puppy, my Molly Dolly.

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1 Year
by: Sharon

Molly, it's been a year and so much has happened since you've been gone. We rescued a puppy from the Puppy Mill down the street and we finally got another golden the day after Christmas. Her name is Riley. She's naughty like you and gets the whole body shivers.

I think of you often and I said whenever the lilacs bloom I would remember that bittersweet moment when everything was so beautiful outside and I had to make the hardest decision of my life to let you go.

I sing our little song to Riley, but she just looks at me with those big, brown retriever eyes. I can look in her soul like I used to yours. You are remembered and loved.

by: Sharon

Well Molly, tomorrow it will be one month since I looked into your eyes and had your wet nose in my face. I miss you so much, I had a dream about you last night. You were whimpering and I had to find you and I did.

I know you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge with Hayley. Our house is so empty without you. Lead us to the right decision when it comes to another pup in our home. No one will ever take your place - you were one of a kind, so special and sweet. I'm really having a tough time Molly, but I know you're in a better place. I would never let you suffer, never.

Love you puppy. Good night.

Molly's Memorial
by: Pier

Dear Sharon,

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Molly. It is so clear and very touching that Molly played a major role in your family. Your story of her personality and funny antics remind me of my recent loss.

I lost my Margo, a Lab Mix..back in December.

Like you and Molly, I too would worry that if I were not around to look out for Margo, what would happen to her. Well. Sharon, we are still here and our little girls have passed on.

I will say that every time I read a memorial, I feel so much empathy for the pet losses. Some are very touching, like yours.

Please take care. Remember that Molly's happiest times were when you were happy.

Sincerely, Pier

by: tom

I come to this site often to read the stories of others who have lost their friend. I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my best friend Ned 6 weeks ago at 9 1/2 years young. I felt the same way you do and I still ache to feel his fur or his nose on my hand.

Listen for Molly's bark in the wind and look for her in your dreams. Someone told me that and it helps.
Be Well,

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