My Sweet, Sweet Rocky

by Dawn Still
(Albany, GA)

Sweet Rocky

Sweet Rocky

Rocky, a precious Peke-A-Poo, came into my life when he was 10 weeks old.

Although he was a Valentine's gift for my 10-year old son, he became "my" dog.

Rocky was the most loyal, protective, happy pet imaginable. Always excited to go for a ride in the car, always happy to see me.

When Rocky was 10, he developed diabetes. By that time,my son was off in college and Rocky and I lived alone. His twice-a-day insulin shots became the picture frame for my life. Everything I did, and didn't do, revolved around Rocky and his shots.

Because of his care needs, I became isolated and only went to work and home so I could be there to care for him. For three years, he became MY LIFE.

A week ago he was diagnosed in final stages of kidney failure and yesterday, we had to put him down.

I now have this crushing heartbreak and am consumed by thoughts that I didn't do enough for him or that I could somehow have prevented this.
I would give the world to be able to hold him just one more time.

I just want Rocky to know how very, very much I loved him and how he made my life better. His loss leaves a permanent hole in my heart and in my life.

I love you, Rock Star.

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So Sorry
by: linda

I know how your heart aches. I lost my little doxie, Opie, Dec 13th 2008 and I still miss him terribly. I have 4 other little doxies, but Opie was my life.

I am so so sorry for your loss.


by: Dawn

Thank you, Lorraine. Your kindness is truly comforting. I pray for your continued healing as well.

Sorry for Your Loss
by: Tom

I extend my sympathy to you on your loss.

I had to let my best friend Molly go almost exactly four months ago, on July 2. The grief is still very much there but by posting here and reading others' experience it helps to see that we are not alone in our grief and experiences.

I understand your thoughts and your wondering if you did enough for Rocky or made the right decisions. I did that too but have realized it is natural to do that.

I hope you may be comforted in knowing that Rocky loved you. Letting them go to end their pain is the last act of love we can do for our loved companions... as painful as it is.

I truly believe we will see our beloved companions again, so know that he will be there waiting to be reunited one day.

Bless you.

Sweet Rocky
by: Linda K.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

You did all the best for him.

Precious Rocky
by: Martha

Please know, you were Rocky's earthly ANGEL! You took diligent care of him when his special needs became present. This is a loving task.

I know, due to the fact that our beloved Gabby Girl also ended up with diabetes, having to have 2X daily shots. Her life on earth was fulfilled with the best of care and endless adoration which enabled her to live a long life.

Sadly, diabetes as well as many other illnesses, know no boundary. They enter into our treasured pet's world despite the best of care we give them.

May you find comfort and peace with Rocky's memories. He is made whole again - renewed - and in " good " company at Rainbow Bridge.

God Bless!

by: lorraine

I am so sorry for your loss of Rocky. When these angels leave our lives it is truly heartbreaking.

Know you did all you could for this sweet boy and gave him the life and love every dog deserves. We all second-guess what we could have done differently and feel we should have done more. Remember we are human and we are not perfect like our 4 legged babies.

I lost my baby 2 years ago and to this day wish I had given her a better life. And I wish I didn't wait so long to let her "go Home."

I wish you peace in your heart. It is a slow healing process, trust me. My thoughts are with you. It does get a little easier as time goes on. They will always be in your heart.

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