My sweet missed girl "Dolly"

by John Babb
(Weare NH)

My Sweet Girl

My Sweet Girl

Dolly, As I brought you home 11 years ago, how my life changed, because you, Dolly, gave the meaning of love a new name. The happy faces you brought not only to me but to whoever walked by our home, all the little kids who used to look forward to seeing you because of of your sweet personality.

I know for more than a fact where you are now you are giving all the small children the same laughs and smiles that you gave us all here.

I brought you home in my small pocket on my chest shirt and to see you now in a small wooden box with a small little bag of ashes just kills me, cause you, Dolly, should be here making people smile. I feel I'm the one who should be in this small bag.

Dolly, I promise you I will see you again. You just have fun where you are. One day as you look in the distance, that person you think may be me will be. I love you my sweet girl, I love you........Daddy

Dolly had to be put down on November 30th 2008 due to kidney problems. My gentle little girl, how I miss so much.

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I miss my Dolly
by: Regina

My Dolly, a Great Pyrenees, lived to be 13 years old. She passed away next to me on August 26, 2014, a day after bringing her home from the vet.

To this day, I still miss her and cry, so I understand, as others do, the emptiness, even knowing we'll see them one day.

Life is never the same when they leave us. I will leave you with these words I wrote for my Dolly.

Even though you're no longer here,
you watch me from above.
You send your paw prints to my heart,
paw prints filled with love.

My heart is broken
by: Melody

I can't believe you are gone... my heart is broken. I love you and always have! May you rest peacefully in heaven with all the cheese your little heart desires.

You were the sweetest dog I've ever met and you touched my heart from the first time I saw you. You will always be in my heart!!!!!
Love--forever, Melody

Missing Dolly
by: Sam & Shirley Lasley

Your memorial to Dolly touched our hearts as we had our beloved Rikki put down on Dec. 10th at age 18 due to many medical problems. We had hoped to have her with us through Christmas, but alas it was not to be.

Rest assured that dogs go to Heaven, for if they don't then we want to go where the dogs go.

We are in our 70's and don't plan to get another dog despite the advice of many well-meaning people. There will never be another Rikki, and we feel sure you feel the same way about Dolly.

Memorial of Dolly
by: Pier Payne

Thank you for sharing your memorial of Dolly. What a loss she must have been to your family. The wonderful memories of her will sustain you and your family. I lost my girl Margo on December 11th, 2008. And so I can identify with your loss.

Sincerely, Pier Payne

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