My Sweet Love, I Miss You So Much

by Terrell
(Capitan, NM)

Sarah Belle

Sarah Belle

I moved to a new state seven years ago. I live alone and didn't know many people. I was lonely and asked God to send me someone to love. He sent me you, my sweet Sarah Belle. I didn't know it, but I had a hole in my heart that was exactly your size and shape. You were three months old.

It was hard at first because I had never had a dog. I learned to deal with your hair everywhere, your drinking from the toilet, and your willingness to eat almost anything!

What I got in return was the only unconditional love I've ever known in my life. You were my constant companion. You went with me everywhere. Everyone knew your name, even when they didn't know mine. You would walk into someone's home or store, just knowing that everyone loved you. You were right.

You opened my heart completely and you moved right into it. You taught me more things about love, friendship, loyalty, affection, forgiveness and joy than I ever knew. You became the song in my heart.

I would make up little songs to sing to you while we cuddled in the bed or watched TV. We would go on hikes in the forest that you loved. We would play with the squeaky toys you picked out from the store.

I was never lonely even one day I was blessed to have you. You knew how to make me smile and laugh every day.

I knew our lifespans were so different that I prayed for God to protect you from anything that would harm you and that He give you long life and good health.

We never spent a single night apart in six years until you got sick and had to stay at the vets. You were away from me for almost two weeks. It kills me that I couldn't be with you during the hardest time in your life. I'm so sorry my love.

I don't understand why God allowed you go at only six years old. I know He will allow us to be together again one day. For now the hole is back and only you can fill it.

The universe won't be able to contain my joy when I can hold you again. I dream of that day...

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Sarah Belle
by: Nilza

My heart goes out to you for your loss. I know exactly what you're going through, and it is not easy.

Hold on to those wonderful memories of Sarah Belle. That is all you have until you meet again. Please search for "Rainbow Bridge Poem." It has help me deal with the hole that I have from two and a half years ago.

I was told that with time it gets easier but it hasn't. The hole that we have will never be filled because your Sarah Belle and my Nikko were such a huge part of our life and part of us.

I will keep you in my prayers for God to guide you during this difficult time. I wish I could tell you that that with time it will be easier.

Take care of yourself and hold those memories close to your heart!

I Know Your Pain
by: Cindy

I recently lost my yorkie of only 4 years old. I don't understand why either. She was in the hospital also.

And I, just like you, have a hard time accepting the fact I wasn't there for her I feel so guilty because I had to leave her there. I can only hope they understand that we left them there because we had to, not because we wanted too, and that we did all we could.

If love could have saved them, they would live forever. It's hard to believe that a heart that has that much love could ever stop beating.

God bless.

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