My Sweet Logan

by Evette M.
(Lemon Grove, CA)

We first learned of your heart murmur at your first Vet check up, 2 years ago. You were only 8 weeks old and as cute as can be. You couldn't tell just by looking at you that anything was wrong. Even after learning of your heart condition, we loved you just that much more.

Because of the distinct Stage 6 murmur, we were given the option of putting you to sleep at that time. We did not have to think about it twice,. You were ours and we were ready to take on anything that came our way. You deserved to be loved and given a chance at a loving home. We were ready to give you just that.

As the months went on you grew into such a sweet, loving, smart, funny, and lovable dog. Yes,nyou had good and bad days but always had such a sweet spirit no matter what. Even though you couldn't do a lot of the things your brother Lucky and sister Snooki could do, you always at least tried to keep up with them.

Reality did not set in about your heart condition until you went for your 1 year check up and we were told your heart murmur was getting worse. Your doctor told us to be prepared for a rough road ahead.

We just didn't think 6 months later that we would be preparing for you to leave us. Maybe we just didn't want to face the truth, maybe, just maybe, the doctors were wrong and you were going to be ok. But that was far from the truth.

You stopped eating last week, stopped drinking, started coughing a lot. You just weren't acting yourself. It was then we knew it was time. We were slowly losing you. We just weren't ready to let you go, Logan. We did not want to believe the time was near.

You're only 2 years old. You should be running and playing like all normal dogs do. Instead, we were hand-feeding you your food and bottle feeding you your fluids. It broke our hearts to see you in so much pain.

We checked you into the hospital tonight. The doctor came out right away and said your heart was failing. It was then we realized you were not coming home with us. I felt like everything was happening so fast, from them rushing you back on a gurney to us saying our goodbyes.

As you took your last breath, as I was holding you and rubbing your sweet little face, and telling you I love you, it looked like you gave me a little smile as if you knew you were on your way to paradise.

Our lives will never be the same without you, Logan.

We love you, Logan, and we miss you so much. Rest easy. You will never be forgotten.

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