My Sweet Lily May

by Dianne Beutler

My Sweet Lily May

My Sweet Lily May

My sweet Lily May crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last night just before midnight. My heart is breaking, I miss her so much!!

It was 9 years ago when I saw her sweet face on petfinder. It was as if I had some sort of connection with her when I looked in her eyes. We learned she had a pretty tough life her first 4 years. I knew I wanted to bring her home and make her part of our family.

She didn't ask for much. She was happy to have a soft place to sleep and good food to eat. And a safe secure home where she felt loved.

She has been through a lot. Beat cancer 2 times. The past couple of months she was failing. She was 13 years old. Over the weekend she was at our veterinarian's. He was doing everything he could to help her. He called last evening and told me she died very peacefully. I had prayed to God to let her go in her sleep. I didn't want to make the decision to put her down. I visited her yesterday morning. I have been telling her how much I loved her. So she knew.

We have 2 other dogs and I know they feel the loss as well.

Only thing that makes sense is I know she is in Heaven.

Rest In Peace my sweet Lily. I love you and feel like a part of me went with you. I will meet you one day at the bridge.

Until we meet again....

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by: Martha Rubi

I am really sorry for your loss! I know the feeling. We lost 2 already, and today my sister lost her yorkie (Bombon) at the age of 11 years when we got home. She was waiting for my sister to come home!!

by: Anonymous

How wonderful thatn we know we will see our pets again.

God is good.

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