My Sweet Candy, Always Ready for a Picture

by Teresa
(Cave Creek, AZ USA)

Candy age I on top, Trixie on bottom

Candy age I on top, Trixie on bottom

I'm in so much pain. My little Papillon girl was killed by a coyote on early Friday morning in the desert. She ran out of the dog run on Monday night, chasing a rabbit, which is very unlike her. But someone in our family left the gate to the dog run wide open.

I started searching 15 minutes later, going up and down every street. I didn't think she could have gone very far but I couldn't find her. So I went home and started looking up all the animal shelters to call the following morning. I sat up all night hoping she would find her way back home.

At 8:00 AM I had logged into every possible site including Straydar. My wonderful family in Tatum Ranch started searching with us and creating their own flyers with their own money and posting them. Then, l stayed in touch with all our neighbors to get updates.

She was close by, but unfortunately, although we were so close to finding her, we weren't close enough. The coyotes think it's fun to kill a small animal by breaking it's neck. They didn't use her as a food source at all. They just broke her neck.

If I had a gun I would go out tonight and kill every coyote I see. I don't know if that's illegal in AZ or not but they serve no good purpose. They even try to drag babies, if they catch one untended, out into the desert.

Candy was my little daughter, a Papillon who was so intelligent, energic, loving, and sweet. I'm glad I took so much video of her, and pictures. Her little sister, Trixie, is having a really hard time too. It's so sad to see her so sad.

Candy was a prankster. She was always sitting on the top back of my chair, giving me spontaneous kisses. She loved to chase her tennis ball. I had only owned poodles in the past, but after having these Paps, even though they shed, they are so worth it.

This has one positive outcome. I have two human daughters. I worked so hard to raise them, and gave them everything. But after they turned 21 they forgot these things. I have spent years trying to figure them out. NO MORE!

I would trade either of them for my Candy. I was always playing games with her and Trixie and getting hugs and when they jump up for kisses, and that's what matters most.

Candy, you will be in my thoughts every day for the rest of my life. Probably in your sister Trixie's too. You touched so many lives. There are not enough words to tell you how I miss you to my core.

We will be together again, and I'll see your beautiful smile. I'll have a fresh carrot in my pocket for you.

Love forever, mama and Trixie

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