My Precious Baby ''Ally'' xxxx

by Mommie Kate

This is the closest picture to my Ally xox

This is the closest picture to my Ally xox

This morning I lost my best and most precious "Ally." Ally was the best part of life. She was my best friend, my baby girl, and I was so blessed to have this precious German Shepherd.

She was 8 years old. I got her when she was 3 weeks old. I had just lost my Black Jasmine, a black Lab who was 17 years old. I really did not want another puppy, because the pain from losing Black Jasmine was still so new, but there she was, tiny and so adorable.

I really did not know if I could love another pup, it just hurt too much. Well, I fell head over heels for this little pup, and what love she gave to my heart, just like her sister Jasmine.

I had lost my baby brother. He died in his sleep. A year later my mom died of cancer. The loss of her only son added to her illness. I was lost, and this pup helped my heart when I felt so alone.

She was my sweet girl, my dearest friend. As she got older, the love she gave back to me was from Heaven. I always told her Baby Jesus and Blessed Mother guided me to her, and I truly believe it.

Today I am so sad and so empty. I remembered when Jasmine passed away I was able to write a story about her. I thought maybe I could do this for my Ally.

The heart hurts so much because we love them for being there for us, but what they give back to our hearts is more than a lifetime of love.

They ask for nothing yet they give to us such happiness, such smiles, such heavenly and spiritual kindness. So many times I would cry over something and Ally was right there.

I believe when we have pets in our lives we are closer to heaven. And I believe the love they give to our hearts is beyond this planet.

To feel this love, many will never experience, because we here are the blessed ones, the ones who from chilhood loved our pets.

We grew to know the value of what every single pet brings into our lives -- the ability to feel such wonder, such magic, such unconditional love that inspires us, heals us, makes us feel the beauty of life.

Such a gift are these precious ones. Who accept us, need us, love us, comfort us and never ever complain.

Thank you for giving me this moment to help my heart, for today I lost my baby my best girl, my best friend. Yes, I am so sad, but I thank you from my heart because you allowed me to express my feelings. I have been so blessed to have had Ally. Her passing is still not real. She died peacefully. She just went to sleep.

She was not feeling 100% and was on meds for a week and we go into denial. This morning it was almost as if she was trying to tell me "Mommie, I need to go to sleep." And she did.

I told her after she passed, "Mommie will always be with you. Listen for my voice because I will Always Love My Baby Ally" xxxxo

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