My Precious Angel Penelope

by Verna Seward
(St. John's, Newfoundland)

My love for you will never die. You brought so much joy to my life. You were my life, and I lived for you.

It was only a week ago that you died. I had to end your pain and suffering, because you couldn't tell me how much pain you were in.

You were very wild spirited, and loved everyone you met. You were a person dog, so loving, asking for nothing in return.

The house is empty now that you are gone. My heart has been ripped out of me, my precious angel.You will be forever in my heart till the day my eyes are closed.

I'm going to get your ashes today, and I know when I get them I will look at the ashes and will be even more broken-hearted, with tears and sobbing my heart out.

You were worth more than every tear I shed. We will be together again.

Love you, my angel.

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My heart goes out to you
by: Jay

I don't know how long it's been for you now since you lost Penelope, but time doesn't matter when it comes to death. It seems like it never does stop hurting. All I can tell you, from losing 15 dogs so far and countless cats in my lifetime, you still hurt inside. It just lets up and gets easier.

I lost my dear Spunky in October 2012 and I still am having a hard time. I think she's been the hardest for me, as I'm disabled and she knew my needs, picked up things when i dropped them, learned to walk off leash (I have severe fibromyalgia pain so she was definitely an angel for me, who knew my needs).

I'm telling you this to let you know that we never do forget them. I don't know how many dogs you have had but I can tell from your eulogy for your beautiful dog, that she was very special to you. I hope your heart can heal enough to someday get another sweet soul who needs you as much as you need her/him. (If you want to look up my eulogy, it's under Spunky You Will Always Have My Heart. I have pics there).

I just want to say how bad I feel for you, as I know the pain, oh god, the pain is so bad. From one dog lover to another, you have my sympathy. My heart goes out to you. I'm sure she's watching over you.

by: Lorraine

When I read your tribute to Penelope I could have sworn it was me writing that. I know how you feel, and how hard this is for you. As I write this, I want to cry, just knowing the pain you are feeling inside.

It is hard. I am not going to lie. Just try to remember the good times, and let yourself mourn. It gets a little easier as time goes on but I will be honest, it has been two years for me, and my heart still hurts. When I hear certain music I cry for my angel.

I hope the pain in your heart subsides. it never truly goes away because four-legged angels have a way of totally filling our hearts.

God Bless you.

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