My Molly - My Love

by Christine
(Ontario, Canada)

How can you say goodbye to a part of you?? It has been just over a week that our Miniature Schnauzer Molly has been gone. I feel a hole in my heart that I hope time will heal.

She was two months shy of 15 and was our "hairy daughter". I know it was the right thing to do, to end her suffering, but is still so hard. I cry every day when I think of her, and yet holding her while she was being euthanized held such peace.

We loved her and now she playing at the "rainbow bridge", but goodbye is hard.

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Time will heal.
by: Geoff & Marilyn

I am so so sorry for the sadness you are feeling following the loss of your dog Molly. I know exactly how you feel. We have just lost our beautiful little six year old Cocker Spaniel, also named Molly.

She was diagnosed with a tumour behind her left eye with no other symptoms other than a bloodshot eye and occasional sneezing. An Xray, blood tests and other checks showed absolutely nothing, but a CT scan confirmed that it was cancer and it had spread throughout her sinuses.

We were told she only had a few weeks to live and this would undoubtedly be a bad time for her as the tumour was so aggressive. She was so full of life right up to the end, whilst I cuddled her and my wife spoke comforting words to her. She just fell asleep in my arms.

My father told me after he had lost a brother in the war that time is a great healer! So take heart, and remember with pride, that your dog loved you in her own special way and you loved her.

Regards, Friends in Putney, London, England

by: tom

I lost my little buddy Ned 5 months ago and I still miss him so much. You can read about him here at "My Little Buddy Ned."

I hope my Ned has met Molly at the bridge and they are playing. I know he will have Molly send her love to you in your dreams. Listen for her bark in the wind and her footprints will be on your heart forever.

Good Luck

Your Molly
by: Anonymous

Don't worry. Your Molly is playing with my Dolly (Pekingese) in heaven. She was put down last November. I know how it feels. It's very hard and will never heal, but over time, it will feel better.

John from NH

So sorry at Molly's passing
by: Margaret

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry about your loss of Molly. I lost my Pekingese Biscuit a year ago this week, and I still have a hole in my heart. It gets smaller as time passes, but I don't think it will ever go away.

Just know that you did the right thing, and she is in "doggie" heaven, smiling down on you now.

With kind regards,
Margaret Houck

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