My Lobo

by M. Page
(West Virginia)

What can I say about Lobo? How can I begin his story that began on a cold December night 16 1/2 years ago?

He was brought to my front door around 8:00. He was a scraggly looking 3 month old pomeranian. I wasn't sure I wanted him. But my stepson said take him. And so began our journey that went through the end of my twenties, all of my thirties, and till my age of 45. He was my best friend through it all.

He was there in the mornings when I got up to work out in our gym, at my feet loyaly all day with a smile on his face, till I went to bed at night. If I was hurting, he was there. When I left the house, I came back to see him waiting at the top of the steps, wagging his tail with a hello. And he loved to open up his Christmas presents every Christmas morning.

His love to me was always unconditional. He forgave my bad moods, stuck with me through the bad times. My tubal pregnancy, surgeries, and a broken leg, never did he leave my side.

But, time took its toll on my best friend. He started to walk around with his little tail down, he would limp down the stairs, would sleep most of the day. His worst were the accidents that he couldn't help. I saw in his eyes the misery he was in.

I put it off as long as I could, but knew that the time had come to say goodbye. So, with my husband holding my hand, it took us both to do what I had thought was the impossible.

I gave Lobo a sedative to relax him, and the vet gave him a shot to make him fall to sleep. Then he was given the shot that let him go to Jesus' arms to hold for me till I get there.

He was so peaceful. And I hope he knows how much he was loved. Goodbye old friend. I will never forget you. Please don't forget me.

Love Maximina

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4 weeks today
by: Maximina

Hi, Lobo It's been 4 weeks today and I think about you every minute of every day. I miss your little feet going tap, tap, tap on the floor and still hear it sometimes. Last night I put my hand down alongside the bed and felt you rub your nose against it. When I walk in the house I'm already thinking what I need to do for you. I constantly look up at the stairs for you.

The pain is still there. I just don't let many people see it. You truly were my friend and gave me so much love! We had so many great times! The dancing in the kitchen, twirling around for a snack and the smile always on your face. Bye again my friend.

I love you.


Sympathy and Prayers
by: Dawna & Mickey


We are so, so sorry about Lobo. It is sad that our pets' lives are so short in comparison to our own.

We wish we could take away the hurt.

Love to you and Richard.

by: tom

I lost my little buddy Ned 5 months ago. You can read about him here at "My Little Buddy Ned."

I am sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. Listen for Lobo's bark in the wind and he will visit in your dreams to let you know he is OK and misses you too.

Good Luck

Anyone who met Lobo, loved him
by: Tia Rosemary

Oh Max and Richard,

We know how much you loved your Lobo, We all loved him too. He will remain in our thoughts. Whenever we visited, we could be sure we were going to be visited by Lobo that evening. He loved us all.

I will always remember we shared our hair color. I remember the year I bought him his toy, he reached up to hug it. What an amazing dog.

May God bless you both for the beautiful life you gave Lobo.

He was there for us all....

Enjoy heaven Lobo, you deserve it.

Love, your Tia Rosemary

Ms. Page, owner of Lobo
by: Pier

Ms. Page,

I am so sorry for your loss of little Lobo.

I lost my Margo last December 2008. Your memorial reminded me of my relationship with Margo. Often these memorials affect me that way. I personally feel your loss.

Take care.

I'm Sorry
by: Melissa Cansino

Tia, I am so sorry to hear that. I know he meant the world to you. Why didn't you call me? I hope that you and Tio are doing okay.

Love You,

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