My Little Daisy

by Tracy and Tom

Daisy, you came into our lives as just a house guest, but you quickly grew on your human daddy and me. We only had you a short 7 months.

In that time, we made sure you were healthy and had the best care. You made us laugh and cry. Your crazy behaviour sometimes made us wonder what we were going to do with you. You brought so much joy and love into our life.

You left so tragically. It was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. That driver never saw you. You were so tiny. I feel like the worst human mummy in the world. You passed within seconds.

I feel so guilty of this happening to you. Dad and I are so very sorry. We are going through the what ifs, and if we onlys. We are so devastated that this has happened to you. We miss you so very much.

I hope you are in puppy heaven, chasing the other doggies down. I hope you can forgive dad and me. I'm so very sorry my little one. Mummy loves you and misses you soo much.

You are forever in our hearts. I'm soo very, very sorry. Life sucks without you in our home. I will always love you and cherish our memories together. I'm sorry, my dainty little Daisy.

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So Sorry
by: Angela

SO tragic to lose your beloved Little Daisy that way. Just know Daisy will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge for you. I understand your grief and hope you find some comfort here at this wonderful site. We are all here to support each other and bring our thoughts and prayers. So sorry for your loss and I hope you can find peace.

by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear about your Daisy. I lost my "Carley" in May and I am still grieving her. I try to come into this site and support people who have lost their loving companions.

The pets in your life give you the most unconditional love that the world has to offer. They never get angry with you. They love to see you. Even if you leave for 10 minutes and come back, they are glad to see you again.

Your posting is a tragic story not only for you but the driver of the car. God bless you and help you. There are stages you go through with the loss of your beloved pet. It is normal. Just remember how special she was and keep her memories in you heart forever.

If there is a God, Daisy is in Dog Heaven with my "Carley Girl." Take care.

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