My Little Clown

by Karin de Heer

Dear Bobbie, my little clown
Who has never brought me down!
There will be no more perfomance to enjoy
You have left, my little toy
No more rabbit hunt or mice to catch
Which anyway were not for you to fetch
The time we shared was so much fun
It will be lonely now your gone
But never ever will we be apart
For always you will stay inside my heart
And when i am sad or feeling down
I think of you, my little clown.


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Treasure box
by: Nicole


Your little Bobbie was your treasure box, full of wisdom, the knowledge of your true feelings of many days being so close to you. Our animals serve a very important purpose in our lives to vent our feelings and to share them without being judged.

I know how important Bobbie was for you and that you are grieving a lot not having him next to you anymore...but as a matter of fact he still is very close to you, very deep in your heart in a very special place.

I wish you all the best with this experience losing your best friend. I send you my love.

Nicole xx

No truer friend
by: Paul

I knew Bobbie for a while and he was a little clown. Funny, friendly and mischievous. Though he was old when I met him, he was still 'young' and as much as his little tired legs and sightless eyes would allow, he liked to run on the beach and play in the sea.

I miss him and I didn't know him for so long. It must be unbelievably difficult for Karin, who had him with her through some very difficult times when he was her only friend. Always there for her without judgement, giving the only thing he could give - his love. And as the saying goes - what greater gift is there.

You will never forget, Karin, but the pain will grow less and little by little change to happy memories.

Your poem
by: Anonymous

That's a beautiful poem. I love to read poems, especially those I can relate to. Thank you for sharing that.

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