My Lil Boy, Mr. Baby. My Baby, I Miss You So Much

My sweetest lil boy, I used to say to you that you are just a little boy, and I love you so much. I find myself still saying that when looking at your pictures, and feeling the huge hole in my heart that won't go away, ever since Feb 19 2015, when you suddenly left this earth.

I will never be the same without you. I cannot let those around me know how much I miss you because they do not understand the bond we had and still have and always will have. I look forward to the time when we meet at the bridge. I am so ready for that day. I wish it would come soon.

You are my heart. You made my life wonderful. I miss you, Boy! I miss you!

Your Gamma or maw maw misses you !!!!!

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Love and Comfort to Gama and Lil Boy
by: Becky

Lil Boy was so lucky to have you, and you to have him. I am crying with you because I know this grief too well.

There is no way to explain the bond of soul to soul, heart to heart between a special person and a special dog unless you have experienced it.

I don't know exactly how it is on the other side, but I am certain that love like this does not end. Mr. Baby is keeping an eye on that bridge, waiting to welcome you home.

Great Thoughts, Ed
by: Tim Vinge


Thank you for expressing this bond that we have in such a succinct way. It is when they look you right in the eyes that these connections are made. Almost like they can see or sense your soul, your innermost self.

I think that these connections are soulful and therefore we can be together again. Once the connections are made they can never be broken by anyone or anything.

When we lost our bichon Ruffles at age 19. My wife was so upset that she did not want to get another dog. She can't bear the pain of losing them.

Then one day we went to the dog shelter and saw a poor soul, a male lhasa apso. I think for some reason this connection was meant to be. When my wife picked him up he buried his head into her shoulder. He sighed and at that point we ended up with another dog.

We can never replace the ones that we lose but we can save one. I am sure that is what Ruffles would have wanted. We can't save them all but we can try, one soul at a time.

To Ed
by: Deb Valentine

Thank you for your comment and about how you still miss your lil girl Co Co. You know exactly how I feel. I wish they lived longer lives.

I never had a dog before my boy Mr Baby was left with me by my son. I called him "baby" even though he was a 116 pound American Bulldog. He was just a baby and the greatest gift I could ever receive.

I had no idea how close we would become and how much I would enjoy and treasure the time we had.

I never wanted to think of being without him, so when he passed into the spirit dimension, it was like my whole life changed in a blink. I was lost with no direction.

Time is the only remedy but it will never mend the huge hole in my heart.

Thank you.

It's OK to Show Your Feelings
by: Ed in Denver

I lost my girl Co Co 4 years ago and I still miss her terribly.

She was my heart, my constant companion, my protector and dearest friend.

I'm an over 6 ft tall, 200 lbs + biker - I ride a Harley and I'm covered in tattoos, and I still cry sometimes when I think of my girl. I don't care what people think though, as people who judge could never have a bond like that between a dog and its human.

Dogs don't judge you. They don't criticize you for your faults, they love you unconditionally for who and what you are. No human will ever do that no matter how hard they try or profess that they do.

Grieve your loss. Experience your feelings. It's OK. You're allowed and to hell with the shallow, judgmental fools.

God bless, and stay strong.

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