My Life With KC

by Rita
(Peru IL )

I always wanted a Golden Retriever. Maybe because they can carry 3 tennis balls in their mouth and still smile!. Maybe because I like hair all over my clothes and house. But I wanted one anyway.

We have had dogs before, but I wanted a Golden. I used to beg Gerald for one all the time, telling him what I would name it, that it didn't have to be a puppy, etc. etc., but NO was his word. We were "too old."

Then Julie became sick and the begging stopped. After she died, he called me up one day and said "you can get the dog." Enter Erica Flahaut, telling me she found a golden at the Dixon Animal Shelter.

We drove to Dixon and I do believe I flunked the adoption process because I couldn't get the dog, but as I was walking out a little yellow sticky note fell from the bulletin board. "3 year old golden to give away."

Off to Rock Falls we went!. We found the house, and 2 goldens outside. I asked the man which one, he pointed and I asked what her name was.

"KC" he said. Well, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I had to ask again. Again he said "KC." Of all the years of wanting that golden and begging Gerald for one, I always said that I would name it "KC" after his Kansas City Chiefs!

My heart stopped. Truly a sign from Julie that she knew I needed this dog in my life. Two days later KC appeared at my house with a red ribbon on her!

KC has been an amazing dog, my therapy and angel dog from the get go. My nephew Alex always wants to know if she ever barks. Rarely.

We have taken many, many walks all of our years together and have had some very interesting conversations along the way. We have cried tears, we have laughed, we have just been silent. We have met some amazing dogs who she had to say hello to.

We knew where to avoid the cats (which she hated) and why she was banned from Jyll's house because she chased her cat up the tree! We knew where not to go "potty," avoided the barking beagles.

We watched the seasons change year after year and couldn't decide which season we loved the best. We grew old together and our walks became shorter and slower. We sat on the deck together and I read and watched the birds and she took a nap in the sun.

She listened to everything I told her and never told a person. I learned from her what peace and patience are all about. She taught me many things.

She was such a good dog, almost an "angel" of a dog. She only peed twice in the house, the first day I got her and the last on Monday night.

And on Monday night Julie wanted her back with her...

I know for many of you, you understand what it is to love a dog and have the dog love you unconditionally. I truly loved KC because she was my "golden" love. She came to me at a time in my life when it was very dark. She lifted me up to a new life. She showed me the way to be able to live again.

Gerald and I miss her very much. To you, KC, we thank you for all the love you gave us for the last 10 years. The house is empty now and there won't be any fur around and all your furry babies will stay in the basket. The rabbits will now invade the back yard again and the cats will be meowing, but for 10 years we were safe.

You weren't my whole life, but you did make my life whole again. You will be buried forever in my heart.

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So Sorry for the Loss of Your Precious KC
by: Jay

I think you wrote one of the most beautiful tributes of a dog's life. I think it is so ironic that her name was exactly what you would've named her. It was just meant to be. I wish you could have had her longer than 10 years, but at least you gave her love and she gave you love right back.

I almost cried reading it, it was very touching. I don't know when you lost her, but it sure takes a long time to ever feel right after the loss of one of our buddies.

If you want to read mine, it's Spunky You Will Always Have My Heart.

My girl died in October 2012. The vet wouldn't come to the house, and I didn't want her dying in the clinic, so he came out to the car, and naturally things didn't go right. The first needle didn't take. When he did get it in and pushed the "final" plunger, she actually pushed herself up as if she could escape it and not leave me. So I know just how hard it is for you. You'd rather lose an arm or a leg than lose them.

My heart goes out to you. I wish I could take away your pain. If you want to write to me on here, I am here for you. I hope someday you can adopt another soul that needs love as much as your sweet KC did.

Once again, I'm so sorry. I'm sending virtual hugs and love your way. I hope you can hold up.

Animals are angels who don't get much time with us, which isn't fair, but maybe it's so they don't have to suffer. I think they are here to teach us, but some people don't learn from them. And like I always say, what is dog spelled backwards? Makes one think.

You were meant to be together for sure, between that note hitting the floor & the name thing. That is just eerie, and so great.

Hang in there friend. It gets easier but you never ever forget them.

Chosen by Angels
by: Ed

What a beautiful tribute to your KC.

It was no "accident" or mistake when that post-it note fell at your feet. God knows who to send his Angels to. KC was chosen for you and you for her.

I have had dogs in my life since I can remember, and I can't remember a bad day with any of them.

Bless you for giving KC such a loving home for the remaining years of her life. I'm sure she's waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Ed in Denver

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