My Greatest Joy, Peewee Kilgos, 14 years old

by Debra Kilgos
(Bay Minette AL)

Peewee Kilgos, My Joy!!

Peewee Kilgos, My Joy!!

On December 15th at 11:45 AM, with the hand of my best friend, I placed my Peewee in my bed, with the vet there, and put my 14 year old baby dog to rest.

My story may upset some people, yet let me say, I'm not sure if I'm religious or spiritual, but something happened that most would say is all in my mind. I can tell you it's not!

Peewee was given to me approximately 12 years ago, found lost in a parking lot in TN by my daughter. I lived in a place where no animals were allowed, so I moved. Well, the first few months I thought, "what am I going to do, poo poo and tinkle and destruction of my home abound!" Let me add also so much love from him, I could train him. Ergo our lives together started.

I started by putting up posters for a found pet, and calling all the vets in the area. no response. I took Peewee to my vet, who said me, "Do you know what you have here? You Have the Golden Ring!" Not understanding, I asked what what he meant.

Peewee was a purebred English short haired pointer, but he did not look like one. Whoever had had him before was shooting him up with steroids and tying him to the back of a boat and forcing him to swim, for what reason, in TN.

My vet said to not look for the owners, so I tore down all the posters and stayed scared that the bad people would find him. His paws healed and he became beautiful. Throughout the years ahead, he became my hero in ways too many to mention, for I had been disabled for 4 years then. Peewee would fetch the mail, and the mailman loved him.

We moved from TN to FL in 2000 and now he was the child I'd always prayed for. Peewee saved my life on two occasions. They weren't close calls, but he truly saved my life. One by a bullet, the other by an abusive beating. My Hero Peewee!

Peewee grew to be 120 lbs. and I became a shut in, alone and scared and homeless, yet no danger would come near me, his ears sharp, and teeth ready. One woof sent danger in the other direction! I took on two more animals, lemon and white Basset hounds. He raised them well, teaching them all they needed to understand, while he kept the bad world away. While you are a homeless person, every bump in the night could be a danger, but I always slept in peace.

Many years passed and Peewee became old, yet for me and our home, he pushed himself beyond his own strength, always on alert. Did I mention he only had three legs? Brutal pain had set in and thousands of dollars in medication, and wonderful Vets. If you have read my story up till now, you may want to brace yourself for what lies ahead.

Peewee's eyes finally told me he was tired, yet he would stay if I could not be without him. I started his preparations, the urn which would hold two people, he and I, the shrine at home with photos, the cremation. I asked my vet to come to my home to do all in my bed that he slept in with me, and always pushed me off the bed. The bed Hog!

I knew that he asked me to let him rest now. When Peewee got the shot, I hit the floor, wanting to have my own heart stop, wishing it was me, not him, but this could not be.

The following day I called my vet to see if I could come to sit with Peewee. One of his nurses, who loved him, placed the phone down to check, then a strange voice came back on the phone and said in a mean voice that Peewee was gone, had been shipped out already, and hung up.

Stunned, for I knew the departure time from the vets took 3 hours, to understand the truth. Peewee was to have what is called a Private Cremation, only him, not more animals. I knew something was wrong! Peewee called me from beyond, and did not stop till he got through ---- Mom, something is wrong! Get to me - please Mom!

I did. This horrible nurse did not win. my wonderful vet was beside himself. I picked Peewee up frozen at approximately 500 lbs., brought him home, placed him back on my bed, opened the bag, and let the bassets kiss him, as I held him and kissed his face. We spent 20 minutes with him and his face was as though he was in a soft smile. He was safe. The crematory where he was always supposed to go to in our directive came to get him, lovingly.

I have in my possession a clock I got during the time when I was making the preparations. It play's Peewee's bark on each hour his bark. Only two barks, which is all I recorded. On the day that I asked to go to the vet clinic to sit with Peewee for a few moments, the clock on my wall would bark twice.

Then it started barking four times, five times, three times! Peewee called to me, from beyond. Now at rest I will be able to do all the cremation with the Crematory myself , which will assure me that it will be only Peewee in the urn, waiting for me to be mixed with him. Not 15 other animals.

Whoever reads this, think as you wish. I know who will be in our urn, for Peewee made sure. He is a Hero, a protector, a teacher, my greatest joy, and he came from beyond so I may live in peace. He is still by my side and awaits me.

On December 20th, I will be called to finish the arrangements and Peewee will come home for the second time to remain at home with the Bassets and me, warm and safe.

Dedicated to my greatest love and joy, Peewee Kilgos

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