My Gita!!!

by Rosa B.
(Kersey, PA )

My Gita and her Squeaky Squirrel!

My Gita and her Squeaky Squirrel!

I lost my Gita on Sept. 12th this year! Actually we had to put her down as a result of an undiagnosed heart problem.

Watching her struggle to breathe her last night with us broke my heart. My husband and I both slept on the living room floor that night as we were both so worried. I heard her many times then as her breathing would become faint as if she were passing! With each breath I prayed that God would take her then and there as having to make that choice crushes me. I actually could take her passing on her own but that was not to be. So that morning we drove her to our Vet and euthanized her. She was almost gone by the time we got her there.

Gita was my Mothers' Day gift to me in 2007. I had been on just browsing. My other dog Buddy was put down on 4/5/07. He was 15 1/2! He was a stray that had found us!

I don't know how it happened but a wonderful woman in Manhattan somehow got my e-mail address and wrote saying how she had been at the Kill Shelter in Brooklyn, NY. Her organization would go to Kill Shelters and save as many as they could. Gita was one of them. But being 8 y/o already no one was interested. She sent me her info plus her picture. That did it right there. I told my husband about me wanting her as she was due to be euthanized in 48 hours if not adopted. The 5 1/2 hour drive kind of made it a harder part for adopting her. I told him then and there I was going whether he went along or not!

Enter Gita! She had to have belonged to a guy as she was taken with my hubby! She was always by his side and if he went out of her sight she'd keep looking til she'd see him again, tail a wagging!

What broke our hearts is, the whole trip to the Vet, a 1 hour trip, she'd never take her eyes off of him. Even as the Vet injected her you could see her eyes follow every move my husband made! He was her "Human" as I referred to him as. I never saw my hubby cry so hard in my life. We've lost other dogs and we bawled like babies but Gita was different for him.

She had a Squeaky Squirrel the people had bought for her and he laid her head on it as a pillow as we buried her. I gave her some dog biscuits too!

We only had her 16 months but I wouldn't have traded her for all the tea in China! She made a big impact in our lives. I believe God made me find her for a reason and I thank him for it!
I've been getting the word out to give older dogs a chance when looking to adopt one. Age has nothing to do with Love. I'd adopt an OLD dog in a heartbeat!

Though my husband isn't ready to adopt another, I am. It's much toooo quiet in this house. Gita was my faithful and loving companion! She made my days! I am no longer working as I have MS. People just stare at those who are different but ya know, I haven't ever seen a pet do such! They love ya no matter what.

So I'm writing this to maybe give myself some comfort, knowing I'm not alone in my grief. With time, seeing all the pictures we took of her short time with us will become a tad bit easier. I miss all of my pets who came into our lives. We could all stand to learn from our 4 legged friends!

Someday we will all be reunited with our furry friends and that emptiness in our hearts will be gone. Well, I guess I needed a good cry! But they are grateful tears. So to all my pets, Thank You for making an impact on my life. I love ya all!

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