My Friend, Companion, Hero, My Dog

by Linda
(Onset, MA)

My Heart

My Heart

When Arek came to us, he only understood German. He was two. He eventually was bilingual. He watched the boys grow up and go out to the world. Always happy to see them return.

He realized it was just the two of us and he stayed by my side. He walked beside me and watched my every move. He always slept on the floor next to my bed. If I got up, he came with me. One day I could not get up. I had a high fever and felt very sick. Arek got up in bed with me. I knew then I was really sick. My son came to get me and I had pneumonia.

We had many journeys together. He traveled up and down the east coast with me. When I would pull the truck over to sleep, I'd get in the back. He would sit in the front and watch over me. When I moved back to New England, we didn't have the farm life. Arek stayed true as long as he had me.

10 years passed and we both seemed to move slower. I thought it was just age. I came home from work and he had a cut over his eye. I brought him to the vets. She whisked him off. She came back and asked me to sit down. My companion, my friend had an abdominal mass and was bleeding internally. I thought I would die.

We came home for the night and split a t-bone steak. Went for our final walk. I had to do the right thing.

I hope to meet him at the rainbow bridge someday. I still cry every day and I miss him. He loved me with every breath and I him. He will forever be in my heart.

As I looked into his eyes, there was only love and compassion. He protected me every day with his life. The best man I ever had in my life was my dog. My best friend, my hero, my dog Arek. He was my heart. I was never alone as long as he was at my side. I have my memories that can never be taken away.

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Memories of Arek
by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved companion. I lost my Carley back in May and it was so hard to give her up, but I knew I was doing the right thing for her, not me. I still am sad and cry, but not as bad as at first.

Someday we will look back and remember all the silly and crazy things they did to make us laugh. I know we will always keep them in our hearts and someday, they will be waiting for us at heaven's gate! Take care.

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