My Dog Sadie. I Can't Remember To Forget

by Rudy Flohr
(Watertown SD)

This is a simple poem with simple words that came from my heart,
a story of a little dog that I loved right from the start.

God gave me a gift that made my life merrier.
Her name was Sadie, my little wire haired Fox Terrier.

There were many days that were happy and free
when Sadie went walking and swimming with me.

She played in the water and danced around my feet
never to tire come wind, rain, thunder, or sleet.

She enjoyed riding in the basket of my bike,
looking at my face seeming to say,
this is even better than taking a hike.

As we took a walk one hot summer day,
Sadie was anxious and wanted to play.

She ran to a gopher hole, so excited she began to shake!
She stuck her nose into the hole and was bitten by a large rattlesnake.

We rushed to town and took her to a good vet.
He said upon her survival I would not want to bet.

The next morning as the sun began to rise,
the vet called to say "I have a wonderful surprise.

Sadie is up and walking around, she is a tough little pup.
She wants to go home so you can come to pick her up."

Sadie would lie in her Radio Flyer wagon as sill as a stone,
looking out the window waiting for me to come home.

She would jump from her wagon and bound to the floor,
running to greet me as I came through the door.

Time seemed to pass so quickly since she was a young pup.
It was difficult for me to think that one day I would have to give her up.

She had just turned thirteen with not a lot of time,
she entered a valley that had a hill too steep for her to climb.

During her last days when she couldn't walk on her own,
I laid her in her wagon and pulled her with me so she wouldn't have to be alone.

She tried to overcome her illness with all of her might,
but in the end she gave up the fight.

I felt her last breath that took us apart,
but she will live on forever in every beat of my heart.

The loss of my little dog remains on my mind.
The pain in my heart is reflected in my eyes,
and shows a bottom it can't seem to find.

Sadie was my best friend and companion for all these years,
now I have left is my pain and my tears.

I know that time will take away the sorrow and regret,
but for now "I can't remember to forget."

I know that God is the master of every living soul.
My dog Sadie will be there when He calls the roll.

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For Sadie
by: mary

You make me cry reading your poem. Is it terrible that we all have to go through this? They are so lovely, our "kids" are the best children on earth, full of love, devotion and caring for us. They are our family, they are the people who cannot talk but really know how to keep us happy. Unfortunately their life is too short.

I miss mine very much. She remains forever in my heart. Life continues. You cannot forget but time heals. Take care.

Endearingly Perfect
by: Mama Martha

Your poem is absolutely wonderful! Such a lovely tribute to your precious Sadie.

You will see her again . . . God Bless.

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