My Dodger Baby

by Caitlin
(Washington, DC)

Dodger came into my life in March 1996. As a child, I had yearned for a dog of my own. I talked about adopting a pet for months until my parents finally gave in. My family found Dodger at the Humane Society -- he was the only dog not barking. Instead, he simply sat there and wagged his tail. We walked up to the cage, let him lick our fingers and knew that he was the one.

Dodger was my best friend -- my true companion. I've shared with him an entire childhood's worth of secrets, hopes and fears. He was a constant source of joy and comfort. He would follow me all over the house -- we would watch movies, go for walks, and take naps. He was like my shadow. Even after I went away to college, Dodger was always anxiously waiting for me by the front door to welcome me back home. I looked forward to being reunited with him more than anything else.

I am truly blessed to have had Dodger grace my life for the past 12 years. He taught me a lot about life, love, and happiness. He was a wonderful dog who brought an immense amount of joy to my family and friends.

So here's to you, my Dodger baby. May you enjoy your time in heaven; chasing squirrels, taking naps on the couch, and eating an endless supply of milkbones. Wait for me by the gates; I'll make it there some day.

I miss and love you with all of my heart.

RIP Dodger 3/22/1996 - 4/20/2009

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Heaven bound
by: Anonymous

Dodger is in Heaven without a doubt. The Lord loves everything he creates and we will be thrilled when we finally reach Heaven ourselves to meet up with our furry friends that blessed us here on earth.

I know that it is hard right now. Losing a companion is difficult. I will pray for God to give you peace and allow you to see a glimpse of Dodger in Heaven when you sleep at night.

Bella (my faithful companion) died on March 28, 2009 at just 2 1/2 years old. She had an undetected heart condition and the only sign of it was her passing. She died peacefully in her fluffy bed and now she is in Heaven with the Lord doing things that she loves. I am still very sad, but want to spread the good news of how God has a place for her creatures in Heaven.

There is a book called "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates." I recommend you read this, it will give you hope and bring peace.


Caitlin-Owner of Dodger
by: Pier

Dear Caitlin,

I am sad for your lost of Dodger. I read memorials daily and I always tear up. I too lost my dog Margo, last December.

Dodger was a very special little guy, and how you describe how valuable he was in your life, was very touching.

Good luck to you, and try to read a memorial every now and than. They will help you in the grieving of Dodger.

Sincerely, Pier

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