My Dearest Dylan

by Tamasin
(Etobicoke ON)

My Dearest Dylan,

Sadly we lost you yesterday. You were such a strong boy and fought so hard, for so long, to stay with us. You could barely walk, and had lost so much weight, it was heartbreaking to see.

I prayed to God to keep you with us for Christmas, and you miraculously improved and were able to stay until March 2 2012. I will be forever grateful for the extra time we shared.
Even though you were in so much pain, you were always loving.

I kept putting off the inevitable, but finally your suffering outweighed any joy, and I could not let you hurt anymore. I did what I had to to end your pain, but mine has just begun. I wish I could have saved you!!!

Dylan, I pray you are happy now and back to your youth. For all the love you gave us, you deserve peace now.

You have been with me through so many milestones. You were here for the birth of my children and were a dream dog to us. So loving and gentle with babies and children. You were so kind to us!

I will always carry the good memories of you with me. So handsome, so gentle - you gave us such happiness. You were the greatest gift my father ever gave me.

There was no other like you, my angel and best friend. You made us feel safe, loved, and you completed our family. Life will never be the same without you.

Forever loved and missed by Tam, Kris, Jax, John and Mama.

Till we meet again Dylan,


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Friends in Heaven
by: Carl

My dog Bigboy died one month ago. I have never felt so much pain. Through his kindness and loving ways he taught me that dogs too must have a soul and that love truly is a force of nature.

To Janet
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Janet!

My Dylan passed last Friday.
I'm sorry for your loss too.
They leave such an inprint in our hearts.
A dog's love is the purest I know.

Hopefully they're in heaven together.

by: Janet

I am sorry for your loss. I understand how it feels to lose a beloved member of the family. My dog Shelby passed away last week.

Dylan sounds very special, and his legacy will live on because he changed your lives for the better.

Thanks Ed
by: Dylan's Mom

God Bless you too Ed!

I've lost many loved ones before, but never felt as heartbroken as I do over my sweet Dylan. Although the happy memories give me comfort, I will always wish I'd done more for him and taken more time to hold him in my arms towards the end...but I know we gave him plenty of love.

I hope this pain will ease with time and that one day we will be reunited. I hope he's at peace!

I am so sorry for your loss as well!!!


God Gains Another Guardian Angel
by: Ed

What a moving tribute to Dylan. I know your pain as I too lost my dearest friend 2 short months ago, and although her pain ended, mine had only begun.

May God bless you and your family with comfort and hold your Dylan close by his side until the day you're all reunited again.

God Bless
Ed in Colorado

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