My Dear Sweet Jack

by Kimberly F
(Overland MO)

My Best Friend

My Best Friend

My sweet, sweet furry love. I love you. You, Jack, were my buddy, the one who never rejected me for any of my faults. You understood me. You knew what I wanted when I wanted it. You were there through my whole prenancy, and when I came home from the hospital, you went straight to Riley and gave her a big fat lick on her newborn cheek. Then, as she got older, ten months now, you let her pull on your ears, poke your eyes, and mess with your food as you ate.

I love you, Jack.

You helped me to exercise, remember? You would jump around with me, and when I did crunches, you would stand eye to eye with me as if you were saying "Go! You can do it!"

I love you, Jack.

You had your wild moments. Sure, you would get out of hand sometimes. But no matter what you did, I couldn't turn my back to you. Remember that time you chewed up my bible and I was really upset? I yelled at you and you looked at me with an honest "sorry" look in your eye? When I fell down and told you I loved you and you were my buddy and it was all going to be okay? That's how much I love you, Jack.

You had my heart in your little paw. Remember the old days before we moved up here, running in the country. You loved chasing those cows! Remember?

I miss you, my friend.

Remember when I rode my horse, you would tag along and try your hardest to keep up? Jack, you kept a smile on my face, and kept me with a happy heart.

Rogue misses you too. She sits at the door and howls. She won't go outside to go potty. I wanted to grow older with you. You're my little furry love. You were/are the best doggie. And you can never, never, ever be replaced. I love you, my dear sweet dog. My doggie, my doggie, where are youuu!

I love you, Jackson Foley.

I will never forget what hope and love you gave me. You played such an important role in my life. Jack, you are severely missed. I'm sorry you are out there all alone. Not knowing what has happened to you is tearing me apart!

I'll never give up looking for you, Jack! I love you! I love you! I love you!

I can't sleep! I miss you, Jack!

To all the people who have found a true friend in a dog, you are lucky. Hold on to them, and train them. Because they always seem to be there when your friends and family walk out.

Jack, I love you and I miss you, my sweet buddy.

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I am praying
by: Lisa

I just read your sounds as if Jack ran away? Not sure, but wanted to see. Please let me know as I've just said a prayer and know God has everything under control.

You may email me direct at

Lisa Alexander

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