My Darling Brody - A Pitty/Boxer Rescue

by Liz Osborn
(Delaware, OH, USA)

Brody James Osborn 2012-2013

Brody James Osborn 2012-2013

My dog Madison and I drove to Cleveland to check out a potential rescue. The dog we originally went to see, Marisela, was adopted before the day was out. We saw a few other dogs, including a sable/white boxer/pitt mix named Nunzio. He had a perpetually sad look on his face.

Madison and he got along, so later when I got home, when I found out Nunzio was on the next day's euthanasia list, I decided to rescue him with the intention of fostering until a home could be found for him.

The Cleveland Animal Clinic Volunteers delivered him to my house in Columbus. They're great people. I had decided to rename him Brody James Osborn. He and Madison began playing together minutes after Brody entered the house.

For the next five months we enjoyed a happy time. Brody was in my lap every morning, or leaning against me as I had my coffee. You could tell he knew he'd been rescued.

Yesterday afternoon Brody got into a bottle of prescription meds that I thought were well out of his reach. He consumed half of the bottle. I rushed him to Medvet where they found him with a temperature of 109 degrees and a heartbeat of 300 beats per minute.

He had permanent brain damage, did not know me, was thrashing around and biting himself. I made a decision, a terrible decision, but I was looking out for Brody's goodwill. He was put to sleep last night with me holding his paw.

I am heartbroken at this loss. He was under one year old and had everything to live for. I am forced to accept what I can, that he was greatly loved and cared for while he was with me.

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Response to Jay
by: Liz

Thank you for the sweet note, Jay. You couldn't have said it more perfectly.

My Heart Just Aches So Much for You
by: Jay

OMG, he was such a gorgeous dog and looks like he had a wonderful personality. I'm sorry that he got into meds, you probably feel guilty, and have no reason to. Some dogs are counter surfers.

I just wish it wouldn't have happened, as I now know the love of this great breed, the pitbull, and know what a loss you must be feeling. They are the most affectionate dogs. I don't know when you lost him, as I don't know what's recent on here.

But now that I have a pit mix, it caught my eye and I had to tell you how sorry I am for you and how my heart is also hurting with you. How could you NOT have loved him?

Somewhere I'm sure he's watching over you and knowing someday you will be together. I have to believe that, I couldn't stand to live if I thought I'd never see my precious animals again.

Brody, you were such a handsome fellow. I wish you were still here on earth for your mom. Watch over her and please find her another dog like you to help ease the pain in her heart. I know how badly she must be hurting.

Once again, I am so deeply saddened for your loss.

by: Christina

God had His reasons why Brody had to go. He knew he was loved, and had a wonderful life with you. Sending prayers of comfort. ♡

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