My Big Boy

by Michelle
(Phoenix )

It's been 7 months and not one day has passed that I have not thought of you. Most of those involved a tear, or many, with such overwhelming grief. Know that I am not afraid of death anymore because I know when I go I will meet you at the bridge and we will be happy once again.

Dad misses you, Jake hurts still and Chloe is lonely without her best friend, as I am too.

I miss your howling when dinner wasn't prompt. I miss your silly noises in the middle of the night and your rituals. I miss you putting your huge head on my shoulder as if to say "yeah I know and it'll all be ok as long as we have one another."

I have never loved a dog as much as I love you, Otis. Although our time together wasn't long and I feel cheated, I cherish every moment and I am sorry I didn't realize what you were going through. I know now that phobias are serious. I still blame myself for you being gone.

I love you, sweet angel. Wait for me and send me a sign please, because Mommy misses you and would give anything to have you back.

If there was ever a time I needed you, it's right now, and I know you would know exactly why.

Love Mom

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Sorry for Your Loss
by: Laurie

I still cry daily for my Holly. It's 8 months today since she left me.

I know your pain. He loved you with all his heart and is still walking by your side and watching everything you do. My hope for you is that you can get through the pain of losing someone you loved so much. My heart aches for the loss of your best friend.

by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Carley 5 months ago, and I cry about her almost every day.

I just feel like I want to write to people in the same situation as me. People tell me it was just a dog, get another one and get over it. Do not let anyone tell you not to be sad. He was a member of your family.

What is so ironic here is that my first dog's name was Otis. Don't blame yourself, as with any living creature, when your times comes, you must go with God.

You spoke of signs. I believe in an animal coming back in some form to let you know they are OK. About a month ago, I was sleeping and woke up out of a dead sleep. I knew Carley was there, and that quickly, she was gone. I am glad she let me know she was OK and not to worry about her. I am sure people don't understand this concept, but I don't care, it gave me peace of mind.

We know in our hearts that one day they will be waiting for us at heaven's gate. Always keep the memories of Otis alive in your heart.

Take care.


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