My Beloved Laynie Pooh Dog

by Mary and Charlie
(Rocklin CA)

Laynie and Charlie

Laynie and Charlie


She wasn't my first choice. It was her name that caught my attention - Laynie - My mother's name. A name that you don't hear often. I knew then that it was fate - that she was meant for me.

My other dog, Mellie, hated her from the moment they met. Where Mellie was sweet and shy and obedient, Laynie was the exact opposite - outgoing, rambunctious, and into everywhere at once. Her mouth was into everything...if it could be chewed and mutilated, it was fair game.

It took a month for Mellie to warm up to her. No matter how much Laynie tried to cuddle up to her, Mellie would coldly walk away. It didn't help that Laynie would playfully bite and pull every moving part on Mellie's body. But it did happen - that bonding process for both Mellie and I.

Mellie taught her to go potty outside - to walk well on a leash. What right and left was and to respect me. I taught her eventually not to chew, to love walks and to love me. She taught me everything else. How a puppy smelled. How her ear had a funny way of flipping over backwards, giving her a what can I get into now look, her silly grin, her large bark, her smile with the bottom lip hanging down, her funny little eyebrow marking above her left eye. How to laugh when I would come home to shredded paper...everywhere.

We all grew up together. I added another Whippet sister, Jaime, and we all agreed that Charlie, my husband, was the one for us.

Laynie became a part of me, a part of who I had become. It became routine to have them there always waiting for me. Our long walks would turn into rabbit chasing, hare raising, deer fearing fun, and the most beautiful thing was to see Laynie, Mellie and Jaime running thru the grass in full pursuit of something that they had accidentally run into. She was too kind-hearted ever to catch one. It was her big heart that we loved. It was her big heart that eventually would fail her.

The vet had told me she had a slight heart murmur when I had her spayed at 16 weeks old. I didn't worry to much about it. I thought that she would outgrow it. Life then was young, we were young and by then I loved her.

In late August of this year, when Laynie was eight, she started to cough. She had coughed before but never with such intensity. Deep inside, I knew that this was not good, and dreaded to take her to the vet. Her heart murmur, she never outgrew. But I hoped and prayed that maybe, it was, please oh please, let it be something else.

The vet told me her heart, her beautiful big heart, the one that loved everyone and everything, was failing. It could be days or months. Charlie and I were in a state of disbelief. But we decided to take Laynie and "the girls" on a road trip to our favorite beach. I walked her to all her favorite places and I prayed for a miracle.

I bought her heart products, every herb that was good for her, and I made the decision to take her off the medication that the vet had prescribed. It made her sick, she stopped eating, and other horrible side effects.

And I prayed for a miracle... I put her on a schedule, vitamins, food, I started to cook for her. And I watched her grow thin and stop chasing rabbits... and I prayed for a miracle.

On November 30, Saturday, I took her and Mellie and Jaime for their walk. We didn't go far. Laynie seemed to enjoy it but the luster was gone from her eyes and she was so thin... and I prayed for a miracle.

When we got home, I tried to feed her, but she didn't want to eat so I laid down beside this beautiful, wonderful creature and I told her how much I loved her, how much she had brought to all our lives - to my life. How she needed to wait for me and I would come for her eventually. I kissed her... and I prayed for a miracle.

Laynie died Sunday morning. I woke up early to go see how she was and she was gone. I held her in my arms for the last time and called out to Charlie. We both held her in our arms and cried. I kissed her on her forehead and left my lipstick there so that she would know how much I loved her. Our Pooh dog was gone.

Our loss is an empty place in our hearts and in our home. Her dog dish still stands with the others. Her leash still hangs on its hook. I see her still laying around but it is only my imagination. Charlie thought he heard her bark late one night.

This big empty place in my heart cries out for her...and I prayed for a miracle.

And my miracle was answered. God did not allow her to suffer long - he did not allow me to suffer. To watch her grow too thin, to hear her hacking cough which was a knife in my heart, and to have to make that hard decision that we pet owners never want to make.

No - he answered my prayers. For he took my girl softly with love. He allowed us to say goodbye. He let her die at home where she was safe and loved. He had answered my prayers... for he brought that beautiful creature into my life, into Charlie's life and into our hearts. We are better people for loving her.

Laynie would have been 9 on December 15th. We miss her so......

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It's Been 4 Years
by: mom

Hi Pooh, it's been 4 years since you passed. Your leash is on its peg. Mellie passed 2 years ago and I hope you are both together, waiting for me. Jamie is 13 1/2 and I know that I will lose her someday too.

I still miss you and always will. Both Charlie and I talk about you all the time and remember our times together. Losing you both has been my greatest heartache. But having you both in my life was my greatest joy.

Someday when my time is up I will come and get you. You both keep each other company, know I love you and that I will keep my promise to you.

Precious Pooh Dog
by: Cynthia

Hi Mary,

My name is Cynthia and my husband Scott and I live in Austin, TX.

I read your story about Laynie (Pooh dog) and it touched me so deeply.

You see, I have a most special angel "Pooh" who we call Pooh dog also. It just so happens her favorite thing to do is to chase rabbits...although squirrels are very high on her list, as I'm almost certain they were on Laynie's.

I found Pooh in South Texas, dumped by someone at 6 weeks old. I named her that same day. I was hesitant about keeping her as I hadn't had a dog since college. But there was something visceral in how she appeared to me, I think just like Laynie was to you. Something undeniable.

She will see her 10th birthday this September.

What your Laynie "Pooh dog" and my Pooh dog share is that I believe they were put here to somehow "save" our lives. Complete them in some way.

Your words about your angel Laynie brought me to tears as I know my Pooh is aging and is experiencing health issues. But you and Laynie have helped me to face the inevitable. Thank you both.


One year
by: Mom and Dad

Hi Pooh dog... one year today that you left us. Both Dad and I miss you very still hurts so very much. You were and still are very special to us. We keep you alive in our hearts. I sometimes think that you are with me and the girls when I walk them to our favorites spots. I still look for you. I always will... I will see you again.. until then be happy and know you are loved...

7 months and I still miss you so...
by: Mom

Hi Pooh, It's September. 7 months and we miss you so much. Fall is coming and my thoughts turn to how you and Mellie and Jammie and I would be thinking of our mountain, anticipating the time when all of us would be on the mountain chasing rabbits or deer or whatever. My mountain bike sits waiting but my heart hurts with the thought that you will not be with us.

Mellie turned 12 this year and Jammie 9. They are slowing down. You though always had the energy to keep us all going. It's not the same without you.

Dad found a special stone and put it on your box along with the ones we found the last time we took you to the beach. I will NEVER forget you. I call for you sometimes when we are walking along froggy pond. I can't help it.. remember what I told you, that I will come for you. You live in my heart.

Love, Mom

Big Hearts
by: Laynie's mom Mary

Thank you, Sharon, for your comforting words. It's been over 6 months since we lost our "Pooh" dog. Both my husband and I still miss her VERY much. I was so distraught when I wrote this memorial that I left out all the wonderful times we had together and how special she was to us (so I write to her here when I miss her so much).

We have her two sisters 9 and 12 years old so I will have more heartbreak ahead. But even though it hurts soo much to have them go, their lives have been such a gift in ours. Does a day not pass that I thank God that he allowed such beautiful souls to have blessed our lives? I can only hope that I will be able to be with Laynie and all my beloved pets once again.

I am so very sorry for the passing of your big heart. Please know that my heart goes out to you...

Big Hearts
by: Sharon

Wow, what a familiar story, our precious just passed last week with his BIG HEART. We too were blessed to have him pass with us, quietly. My biggest concern was that we would not be with him when his time was used up..

The joy and love that Mr. Bingley "Bing" gave was equal to his big heart and giving love and receiving love was his ultimate mission in life. We do miss him immeasurably, along with his "brother" who is mourning as well.

Thank you for sharing, as we also decided to give the best quality of life, which Bing did totally enjoy, and not do the heart meds and diuretics that would have hindered his quality...

I know we extended the end, and only wish the miracle would have been a "forever with us" kind.

I hear your loss, and feel it. May peace come to us both... remembering the good times of our BIG HEART friends.

I still miss you...
by: Anonymous

Hi Pooh,

Dad and I got your ashes back and I have them in a special niche in our bedroom. I hold your box sometimes... Your leash still hangs on its peg in the laundry room and your bowl still sits next to the others. I miss you everyday!

Your sisters and I went for a walk today to your favorite place and I cried the whole time. I haven't been there since you passed and it was so hard for me to go there. I still miss you so....Dad said that god knew that you had a short time to live so he gave you to me so that I could give you the best life ever... I hope I did Pooh...cause you gave me the best dog ever...

love mom.

We Miss You Always..
by: mom

Hi Pooh,

It's Christmas Eve and you're not here. We all miss you. Dad, Mellie, Jaime and even Tat. It's not the same since you've been gone.

You were our goofy girl. We miss you barking at the door to be let in. I miss you running into me when I would take you out and let you run. You know what I mean. I miss the way you used to want the mint I would have in my mouth and I always gave in and gave it to you.

I sit here crying. I try to think of all the great times we had together, but I still cry for you. We have your ashes in our bedroom. I kiss your picture every day and light a candle every Monday at 7am. Your leash still hangs by the door.

All the neighbors say how sorry they are. They miss seeing you with me. A big chunk of my heart left with you, Pooh. I hope you know how much I loved you... Merry Christmas baby girl. I'll see you at Rainbow bridge.



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