My Beautiful MIYA

by Wayne

Born January 8, 2011 Died March 30, 2012 2:55 PM

Miya, you came to us on 3/28/11 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on 3/30/12. You were with us for a very short time, but gave us so much joy. You were always by my side and were my "Baby Girl," a name you were called almost as much as your real one.

Being the typical Akita puppy, you were full of mischief and kept us busy and laughing, but you knew and loved and executed your commands so well that a simple quiet, Miya no, was all that was required for you to stop whatever mischief you had gotten into.

Everyone who met you loved you and you loved and kissed everyone you met. You loved your walks and training sessions and always seemed eager to please.

You were so beautiful that when we were out walking, strangers would stop to see you and comment on how pretty you were. You loved every one of them. Those familiar with Akitas always commented on how sweet you were.

Then 2 weeks ago something happened inside you that changed you. Overnight, you went from one of the sweetest dogs to one who seemed at times possessed by demons. You could go from kisses to growling within a minute. We took you to your vet, who did tests and could not find anything physically wrong with you.

Over the past two weeks, you became progressively worse and your once happy face and sparkling eyes seemed to just stare into nothingness. At times you did not seem to recognize me or my wife. You would come up to be petted one minute and then the next time we reached to touch you, you would growl at us.

The night before last you became so much worse that you tried to bite me and then yesterday morning you seemed to have lost yourself completely. You were so disoriented that you didn't even want anyone near you and had to be crated to prevent you from being a danger to us. We even had to tranquilize you to take you to the vet.

There are suspicions by us and the vet as to what may have caused this sudden change from being so sweet and loving to being aggressive toward us. I know that if something had not been wrong, you would have never tried to harm me or my wife.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done to take you to the vet yesterday and have you put down, but it was obvious that you were not happy and that you were not going to get better. Your quality of life was gone and even though you did not mean to, you had become a threat to the safety of those of us around you.

I hope you somehow know that my wife and I were there with you, loving and kissing you when the vet put you to your final sleep.

God speed Miya, I love you and you will always be my Baby Girl,


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by: Wayne

Miya, it has been 6 weeks since you left us. We miss you daily.

You would be happy to know that your "grandpa" (your breeder)
has given us your beautiful sister Hanna to watch over us until we can meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Miya. We love you and miss you.

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