My Bean

by Emily
(Upland, CA)

You are forever mine. Know that I loved you when you were here, I love you now that you are gone, and I will love you when we meet again. You were a gentle spirit and I will miss your doggie hugs so very much.

I am glad your pain is gone, and I don't understand how you could be taken so quickly from me, but I am glad that your suffering was not long.

I am so sorry.

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On My Mind
by: Me Again

You were in my thoughts twice today and the day has just begun. I remember when it was just you and me. I wish I could go back to that happier time. I love you still.

Almost Three Years
by: Me Again

I still think of you.

I still miss you.

I wish I could go back in time to when it was just you and me, when we were both young and carefree, and full of hope.

Now you are gone.

And I am stuck.

by: Anonymous

One year today.
Still missing you.
Still wish you were here.
Hating some memories, hoarding other ones.

Almost a Year
by: Me

I can't believe it. Almost a year.

I'm still missing you, still wanting you back, still hating him for not loving you like you should have been loved by him, like you loved him. I'm hating your replacement.

I love you, Beanie.

by: Me

My Beanie baby,

How I miss you when I come home--you were always there to greet me. I miss your hugs. Your stomping.

Kiki misses playing with you--you were always so good with her. I miss that tail knocking everything over. I just miss you.

by: Anonymous

I want you back.
I pray you are in a better place.

Me Again

Do you know I still miss you terribly? My heart hurts when I think of you. My Bean!

by: Anonymous

Hard day today.
Missed you a lot.


Missing you. :(

Thinking of You
by: Me

I have planted a memorial to you in your "spot" so no one else can sit there and "guard" the neighborhood. I miss you still--we all do in one way or another.

I try to remember you alive and happy instead of thinking about the day you died, but it is so hard sometimes. How could you go from being perfectly fine on Saturday (playing like a little puppy and so happy) to dead on Sunday with no warning?

I just want you back.

Week Three
by: Me

The others have changed since you died. They are far more needy. You must have provided them a stabilizing force as the wise older dog.

I can't get the picture of you dying from my mind. I am not allowed to express my feelings fully because you were "just a dog" and I am "better than that." I hate that no one knows how I feel.

I am just not in a good place right now. You must have provided a stabilizing force for me too.

Two Weeks
by: Me

So I am getting used to you being gone. No one to let out or bring in during the night. No one to remind me that it is 5:00 and time to eat. No tap tap tap of your feet on the floors. No loving nudge or happy tail whacks. No barking or squirrel chasing. No wet kisses.

My heart has hardened....and I need you here to soften it....

by: Me

missing you....

One week
by: Me

It has been one week. I remember so many things. Your sweetness, the hugs you would give, the way you watched for me to come home everyday---in fact I can't bear to come home and look at your spot.

You are so missed. Every time I tell someone it hurts all over again. I just wish I could turn back time and have you tell me if it was really your time or if something happened to you. I know that it doesn't matter because nothing will bring you back, but I just feel so guilty in the not knowing.

My Beanie
by: Me

I miss you so much. :(

Rest in Peace Bean
by: Co Co Beans Dad - Ed

May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

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