My Baby's Name Was Brian

by Mithu

He was the darling. We lost him suddenly.

Everybody is in love with somebody or other. I request to all who know the meaning of love, please read this and pray for my Brian. I will be highly obliged to you.

I had a puppy named Brian. He was a family member. I got my Brian on 16-09-2011 and lost him (19-01-2012). He was only four months old but naughty enough to trouble a young person's whole family, who were fascinated because of his plays and acts. One look could remove all the tensions of my family.

I spent unforgettable moments with him. His green eyes, his pink nose and his innocent face used to speak to me. Whenever I went anywhere, he used to wait for me. Every moment we were together. I always shared everything with him and he never stopped listening. I cared for him as a child.

He died due to Parvo, the deadliest virus of dogs. I can't muster the courage to write anything about his sudden demise.

I loved my Brian a lot. I remember him, and that leads me to great sadness.

I cannot forget my darling baby. He was ill and I saw him dying every day. I tried to get him the best treatment, but I failed and my gudia died.

I am trying hard not to remember him, but he was an integral part of my life. He was not a part only, he was my baby, brother, best friend and my everything.

People think I am a fool who weeps for a dog, but they don't know, that was my Brian who taught me the meaning of love. His love was priceless and without any expectation. He taught me "This is a very small life, so spread love as much as you can."

Those who love for their selfishness, no one remembers them, but those who give/spread love, like my Brian, no one forgets them.

Brian is always alive and he will be back soon. Please pray to God to send my Brian back. I really need him. I am ready to give my half age to my Baby, because I want him to be with me, so that I can take care of him.

I cannot leave him alone, depending on others. I want to play with him. He had a website also ( You can meet him there. Please don't forget to pray for him.

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Gone Too Soon
by: danielle

Our 7 month old doberman Vinney was with us for five days before he was hit and killed before sunrise on the road. He was a black dog and the driver couldn't see him.

The poor guy didn't even know his name. He had been placed in 4 homes before us and the people we got him from didn't even bother to tell us what his last name had been. They gave us the name that they had given him a few days before instead of the one he answered to.

He was only a baby. It's so sad to lose them young before they get a chance to live.

Always There
by: Joy, UK

We who are left behind grieve the loss of our fur babies so much, but we are so blessed to have our lives touched by these gentle souls. Brian will always be around you and one day you will see him face to face and be happy again.

Meantime, think of all the lessons about Life and Love that Brian taught you. That kind of Love never dies. xx

A Prayer for Brian
by: Ed in Colorado

May his spirit find eternal comfort, health and rest in God's green fields my friend.

Trust that you and Brian will be reunited one day, never to be parted again.

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