My Baby Girl, Holly

by Laurie Dauer
(Maumee, Ohio, USA)



I looked in your eyes as you looked up at me
and I knew our life together was meant to be.
We took you home to get you healthy and clean
and you took our hearts forever, it would seem.
You gave us such happiness with your goofy ways
and made us smile on oh so many days.
You loved the park where you could run and run
and we loved to take you there too, it was so much fun.
The games that you played with your sister, Jess
made every day worthwhile, more than one could ever guess.
You were such a good dog and beautiful, too.
My heart will never be the same, not without you.
I love you baby girl, more than words can ever say.
I don't understand why you were taken away.
Your memory will always be dear to my heart.
I can't believe that we are now apart.
You were just 5 years old, way too young to go.
I'm sorry you were sick, I just didn't know.
You kept on going even though you must not have felt well
but now it feels like I'm living in hell.
I miss you so much, more and more each day.
I wonder how I will go on when I feel this way,
but I'll see you some day
on Rainbow Bridge they say.
I will hug you and rub you and kiss your face
then hopefully we can go back to our special place.
I love you baby girl, I'll never be the same,
but will always remember the day that you came.

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Aug 3, 2013
by: Mama

My sweet Holly, Tyler went to Rainbow Bridge today. He was ready to go. I hope he finds you quickly and you can welcome him.

I love you forever, baby girl, and will always miss you. You were my one and only Boo Bear.


Missing you
by: Mama

Oh, Holly, how I could use a dog hug from you right now. I so miss that big face and wish I could just cuddle you. Your rose is getting so many flowers on pretty!

Miss you sweet, sweet girl. Love you forever....

2 long years
by: Mama

My sweetest Holly, today marks 2 years that you have been gone. Not a day goes by without me feeling the pain of the night we lost you.

I still miss you so. You were the best baby girl I could have ever asked for. I'm so glad you came into my life, but I wish you could have stayed longer.

I miss you. I can't believe it's still this hard. All I can hope is that you are having a good time on Rainbow Bridge. Wait for me, I will see you some day, but until then, you will always be My Baby Girl.

I love you...forever in my heart.

One Year and 11 Months
by: Mama

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet girl. Still missing you so much.

A new year
by: Mama

Hey Boo,

It's a new year, a new year without you.

I'm sure you have found Cali. Take care of her for us. She loved you and Saydi so much. I told her to go to you, and she did. It was hard watching her go, but knowing that she would be able to rub on your legs and face made it a little easier.

Still miss you so. It's your favorite time of the year, well I don't think you really had a favorite time, you just loved life. There's snow, and I can just see you rolling around in it. Wish I could for real.

Love you, Holly, forever and ever. Miss you.

7 years ago
by: Mama

Seven years ago yesterday, I looked into those eyes of yours. I was so excited to bring you home that day. Every day was a joy with you.

My beautiful girl, I still miss you so. Not a day goes by without thinking of you and missing you more than the day before.

I hope you are having fun on Rainbow Bridge.

Love you with all my heart. You will always be my baby girl.

Still Missing You
by: Mama

Been thinking about you so much lately. I miss you so much it hurts. I guess it's because the anniversary of getting you is coming soon. I wish I could go back and fix you, but I know that can't happen. I just need to hug and kiss you. Miss you, you are and will always be my baby girl.

You Are Still Missed Every Day
by: Mama

Holly, I still don't understand why we only had such as short time together. I look at the website for where I found you and still can picture you there, waiting for me to bring you home. Miss you every day, love you forever, my beautiful pup.

Still on my mind all the time
by: Mama

Still miss you Boo, so very, very much. You will always be my baby girl. Love you forever.

Still My Baby Girl
by: Mama

Oh Baby Girl, how I still miss you. I can't seem to get you off my mind lately. It's been over a year, but I still miss you so much. I love you forever and ever. You will always be my Baby Girl.

Happy Valentines Day Baby Girl
by: Mama

I miss you so much still. It's been 11 months today. I wish you hadn't had to go. I love you and will never forget you.

Miss You, Boo Boo
by: Mama

Still missing you all the time. Loved you more than life, Boo Boo. Christmas was busy; wish you could have been here with us. Your presence would have made it much more calm. Your stocking was put up next to Jessi's right were. It will always be.

Love you, baby girl, miss you more.

Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful baby girl
by: Mama

Oh Holly, how you loved turkey. How can I describe how much I still miss you, baby girl. Christmas is coming and your stocking will be put up next to Jessi's.

Love you, miss you more.


8 Months Already
by: Mama

My dearest baby girl, it's been 8 months today since you left me. I still miss you so. The holidays are coming up and your stocking will be hung right next to Jessi's where it always was.

I love you, Holly, and miss you more.

Love, Mama

6 years ago today
by: Mama

My Baby Girl, six years ago today is the first time I looked in your eyes and instantly fell in love with you. I miss you so much. I wish I could hug you today and make you something special to celebrate our anniversary.

I just didn't have enough time with you. I'm still so sorry you were sick and I feel so guilty for not knowing. You were just strong and didn't want to let us know. I wish you had so maybe I wouldn't have had to lose you.

I love you, my beautiful baby. Mama

Monday Again
by: Mama

I still miss you more than words can say. We took Jess and Riley to get their nails cut at the Humane Society yesterday, the place where I found you, baby girl. I can still picture it like it was yesterday that I first met you.

Jen died in a car accident on Aug. 7th, and that has really been hard to deal with. If you see her, take care of her for me.

Love you baby girl, miss you more. Mama

4 months have gone by
by: Mama

Yesterday marked 4 months that you have been gone. Grandma sent me a picture that she had made with dried flowers around your poem and it came yesterday, too. It's very beautiful.

Miss you baby girl.

Thanks Tracie
by: Mama

I'm sorry for your loss also. It was just so sudden. We were at the park on Tuesday and Holly was running around, having a great time like always.

Saturday morning she was extremely bloated. I rushed her to the vet and they x-rayed her and took blood. I brought her home and never left her side.

Monday morning we took her back to the vet as her liver functions were off the chart. They gave her fluids all day.

She was a very large dog, at her biggest 110 lbs. She had lost about 10 lbs. over the previous few months, but never acted different, that much different. Now that I look back, I can see there were subtle signs that she must not have been feeling well, but seeing her at the park, you would never have known.

Anyway, we brought her home around 5:30 and she died in my arms around 10 that night. It was so unbelievable. That's the vision I cannot get out of my mind.

I knew she was losing weight, but she had been a bit overweight and I thought it was just because we had been taking them to the park more since the weather was breaking from being so bitter cold.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a psychiatrist, told me that dogs just keep going even though they don't feel well. They are, after all, wild animals (even though they live in our homes and sleep in our beds and we accept them and treat them as our children). They cannot let anyone know they are sick or they would be shunned by the pack or killed by a stronger animal.

That has gotten me through somewhat from feeling so guilty, but I still mourn her everyday. I hope it will help you, too.

I loved her so much and miss her still. Thanks again.

Cut to the core
by: Tracie

I'm sorry you were sick, I just didn't know.
You kept on going even though you must not have felt well.

These lines cut to the core of me.

I too did not know my dog was sick until it was too late. I am so sorry for your loss. Know this: it was not your fault. I struggle with this everday. But you know, I know and Holly knows that you loved her so deeply and if there was any way in the entire world to make her better you would have done it, and so would I. You were a great friend to Holly, just remember that. All we can do at the very end is respect our best friends and give them all they deserve: Peace, love and happiness; everything they gave us.

I'm so sorry.

Your Beautiful Rose
by: Mama

The rose I planted for you had its first flower open up this week. It's just beautiful. I cut it early so I can keep it forever.

Love you baby girl, and miss you more.

Missing you with the pool open
by: Mama

The pool is open and it's so sad not having you run around it wanted to be splashed. I miss you so much, baby girl. Think about you every time we're in the backyard. Love you,


Happy Birthday
by: Mama

Your birthday is Sunday. Wish you were here so I could make you something special. Miss you my baby girl. Happy birthday.

Love you always,


by: Mama


It's Monday again, my sweet baby girl. I wish they didn't have to come. Always have such a hard time getting through the day, since you left us on a Monday night. I wish there was something I could have done to help you. Still miss you so much. Love you baby girl.

Mother's Day
by: Mama

I'm missing you today, Mother's Day. I was your Dog Mom and will never forget your sweet face. I'm now Dog Mom to Riley, also. He has so many of your traits; it's really funny to watch him do some of the same things you did. He's pretty close to Jess, but I know if she could, she would have you back. I'm sure she still misses you, too. Oh, Holly, I miss you so much. Love you baby girl.


I hope this helps
by: Anonymous

You'll never forget. The memories you have will last your lifetime. Life continues no matter how sad you are. There's nothing you can do to bring back your friend. But, there are other buddies out there who need you just as much as you need them. Go get 'em.

Still missing you
by: Mama

I still miss you so very much. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's and I cried so much, wishing you were with us.

I'm so sorry we never got to take you to the beach. I could picture you running in the water and playing in the sand. Jessi's afraid of the lakes, but you would have loved them.

Love you baby girl, and miss you even more. Still so hard to believe you are gone.

Love, Mama

Missing you
by: Mama

I'm really missing you today, my Holly Bear. Wish we were together. I love you.


by: Anonymous

Melanie, what you said is beautiful. As tears roll down my cheeks right now, it helps to know that someone else feels the way I do. I wish that there was a switch that you could turn off the pain with, but no such luck.

It looks like today is going to be a beautiful day (for once; we have had so much rain and gloomy days) and I can just picture my Holly laying on the deck, enjoying every minute.

She loved all other dogs, so I am sure she loves your Zeus and I imagine they are walking together checking things out.

My heart goes out to you.

My heart breaks for your loss
by: Melanie

She is such a beautiful girl <3 I'm so sorry for your loss.

I know the hurt inside. It's almost 5 months since I had to say goodbye to my heart, my Zeus. He was only 5 as well. We know he had a bad heart from the start but it was always overflowing with love.

He loved the nice weather too. As it turns to spring my heart aches more. I see my flowers will all grow normally this year since he's not here to water them for me. It's simple things like flowers that bring back so many memories.

My Zeus loved everyone. I have faith that he'll take good care of your Holly. They both will enjoy the beautiful weather beyond the rainbow bridge and await our arrival.

by: Anonymous

Thank you, Marjorie, for your kind words. I am so sorry for your loss, too. Four years, that is just so young. Please know that I am mourning for you, also.


I miss you so
by: Mama

Today marks 5 weeks that you have been gone. I still cry every day for you. The weather is getting nicer and you would love it. I can still picture you lying on the deck with the wind blowing up your big ears. Miss you baby girl.

Always in your heart
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I know and understand the
pain you are feeling. Seven weeks ago this coming
Wednesday our precious little boy left us so unexpectedly.
He was only four years old... oh how we miss him!!

Hold on to your puppy's memory and cry all you need.
The sadness is always there in your heart, but just know it's because you love your puppy! God bless!


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