My Angel Casey!

by Kathryn

Me and Casey

Me and Casey

It has been almost 2 years since I lost my best friend. I was blessed to have spent 8 years with my beautiful yellow lab, Casey.

Casey was wonderful, playful and caring. There was never a time when she wasn't having fun, but she did get herself into trouble sometimes.

Unfortunately she had swallowed a rock and had to go through a surgery which was very unaffordable for my mother, who is a widow with six children. We did all we could to keep her alive. She recovered from that quickly but about a year later the same thing had happened. My family was filled with tears knowing that we had no choice but to put her down at this point.

Well it wasn't that easy. My mother then managed to pay for another $4000 surgery for our precious dog. She was healthy as always after that.

My family and I did so much with our dog. We took her to the beach plenty of times, which was her favorite.

It wasn't until Casey was around seven that she started going downhill. We noticed she was always shaking and sometimes crying because she was in so much pain. We knew something was wrong when she tried to bite my brother when he was petting her.

We weren't strong enough to go to the vet because we knew that we were going to be faced with the decision of putting her down. Each day went by slowly with tears in my eyes, thinking about what I'm going to do without her.

It wasn't until November 3rd when my mother picked me up from my friend's house and I got into the car. Her eyes were glassy and I saw it in her eyes. I started screaming, "No mom please no it didn't happen. NO." The words I never wanted to hear came out and she said yes.

It was one of the hardest moments of my life. I will never forget my angel Casey. She has touched my life.

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Love and Good Dogs
by: Brad Meinecke

Dear Kathryn,

You were blessed to have such a magnificant companion even for so short a time. I have a friend who runs the Iditarod and is a vet. She has a saying regarding our canine friends' short life spans. Because they are with us only for a short time we get to know many of them.

Casey looks like she added much love to your life. I know how much you loved her because I love my dogs almost as much as I love my children, whom I would die for.

I had a black Lab named Wendy who was also incredible. There is something about retrievers, they seem more human than many humans, if you know what I mean. So loving, so willing to sacrifice, so happy.

The author Dean Koontz says this about them. They have an inner active connection with our creator and because of that they understand and exude joy. While no one can replace those we love, we will love others in new ways.

I hope the memory of Casey brings you much joy and that all is right with you and yours.

So sorry about Casey
by: Karen

Dear Kathryn, the picture that you posted made me feel so comforted - a girl and her best friend - A DOG and A TRUE DIAMOND. I do hope that after 5 years, you have acquired another pet and that you love him or her just as much as Casey. Peace and Love to you and a BIG BEAR HUG!

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