More Than a Puppy, More Than a Friend



Rocky was with us for 9 1/2 years. A friendly loving dachshund.

I remember when we brought you home, you wre small and cuddly, with tiny paws and soft fur. Little did we know those paws were wrapping around our heart.

As you grew you developed a personality all your own. You knew what you wanted and just how to get it. "Come" meant we come to you, "stay" was "catch me if you can."

As the boys left one by one, you became our Rock from the empty nest syndrome. You loved the family and had a way of trying to make them feel guilty for leaving but you were always forgiving when they returned.

You loved camping, fishing and life. You cuddled, you loved unconditionally. When we came home from work you were always there wagging your tail as if to say, "welcome home, I missed you."

When we sat down you loved to wrap onto our legs and rest your head, or bark till I went and cuddled on the floor with a blanket or hold your treat for you. Licking was your favorite and you did so, bathing us with your love. Christmas, you loved to unwrap presents and always knew which ones were yours.

You possessed more human qualities than some people do. Everyone said you were a mama's suck. I guess you were, you had me wrapped around your paws.

Then came the day we knew something was wrong. For two weeks we tried to do everything right for you, but nothing worked. We knew in our hearts the time was drawing near.

You fought on with all your determination and strength. The vet even said you were a fighter. You were named after Rocky the fighter, and you were one. That last night, I stayed with you in bed, on the floor, anywhere to try to keep you close to me and comfortable. I cried and asked you if you were in pain.

Morning came and we knew. My biggest fear was you would go alone, but you held on. With all the family who loved you by your side, I held you, blinded by tears, and you closed your eyes.

The house is quiet now, no toys, no welcome home, no licks, no you.

You taught me so much -- unconditional love, how four little paws can be so human, so devoted, so true. You have left a hole in my heart but my heart is bigger because of you...

I miss you and Love you Rocky. More than a puppy, more than a friend, loyal and loving right to the end.

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Rocky, I miss you
by: Anonymous

10 months ago today, seems like forever since you left us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss our times, your love and companionship, even your stubbornness.

Joel and dad miss you too. There's a hole in our hearts but a big bow wrapped on your memory.

We love you puppy. Miss you.

Merry Christmas
by: Anonymous

Three months today and I miss you so. There is a void in my life, a purpose gone. You were my rock.

Merry christmas little one. Dance in the clouds.

I love you.

Rocky's Mama
by: L.ouise

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend.

Rocky will always be with you because...(and I quote)..."Special moments find their way into the treasure chest of our memories and become keepsakes of the heart."

May you always remember the special memories you and Rocky made together.

Rocky's Mom
by: Anonymous

For anyone who has lost a pet, my heart goes out to you. They are family and not forgotten in a day, a week or a month.

Rocky has been gone 10 days and i miss him so. I look in the house for him, I still find his toys and treats, I hesitate before entering my own home, I cry, I remember I miss him. I know time heals all but time can never erase the memory of ones we love.

by: David

I lost my Luke 1 week ago today 9-26-09. I do know how you feel. Tears are slowly going down my cheeks as I read your post.

Focus on the funny things that happened. That is what I'm trying to do. Or those special moments, as I'm sure there were plenty.
And he's there, you know, deep in your heart.

by: Susan Blackshere

Your tribute brought tears to my eyes for your love of Rocky. You sound like me when I loss my Riley 5 months ago.

The house will be quiet, you will be looking for places that he laid, will get the pictures out and cry for that special boy that will be forever in your heart.

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