Mookster the Master

by Dr. & Mr. F. Silva

Snow Mookster

Snow Mookster

Mook was only 10 years old when Lymphoma attacked him.

In a matter of 17 days, it got the better of him. First, his lymph nodes were normal, then they had enlarged. He stopped eating, his fever elevated. Paralysis seized his hind legs. He couldn't breathe without effort and pain overtook him.

It was a difficult decision to put him to sleep, but he deserved no less. He loved us and we loved him. He was a great dog, companion and loyal friend. He loved everyone, human, cat or dog. On Friday, October 3, 2008 we lay him to rest. He left behind three feline siblings and an older canine sister.

His life had not been an easy one. This mellow German Shepherd/Siberian Husky Mix with one light blue eye and one brown one spent most of it living in the cage of an animal shelter. The girls there knew him well and loved him dearly.

He was nearly 7 when we adopted him. He had lived with 3 other families before we found him. The first family had tied him to a tree at 6 months of age when he grew "too big" for their home. At 2-1/2 they surrendered him to the shelter.

An alcoholic adopted him and let him chase cars. Unfortunately, one hit him and as a result he developed epilepsy. When the man moved away he didn't take Mook and he wound up back at the shelter.

The next persons to adopt him couldn't handle him because their vet had taken Mook off of his epileptic medicine, and as a result he had developed separation anxiety, so back to the shelter he went.

By the time we took him home, he didn't expect much from anyone and who could blame him. In fact, the first night home, after having spent a few hours with us and exploring the doggie toy box we had, he kept going to the door, as if to say, "thanks for such an enjoyable visit, but it's time to go back to the shelter now." I don't think he ever expected to find a forever family, but he did. We would often tell him that he was with us forever now: till death do us part, never once thinking that time would come so soon.

When we initially chose to adopt him, the girls at the shelter didn't want to send him home with just anyone and who could blame them? But we passed the test, and he passed the test with our female Rottie. After going for walks together 2 days in a row, they became fast friends. They were buddies. He was peas to her carrots. Peanut butter to jelly. They were always together, for rides, walks and kennel stays. One would have thought that they had grown up together.

Mook loved life. He had a zest. He loved the snow. His favorite times of day were mealtime. He did a ritual dance with throwing his toys into the air when "yummy time" was announced. He loved being chased in the yard while carrying a tennis ball. He loved chasing the reflection from a laser. He enjoyed serenading us after dinner with his gentle howl. He was a character and will be sadly missed.

We love you Mook. We know you were happy, safe and secure with us, but it wasn't long enough. You deserved more time with us and we with you. It wasn't fair that you had to suffer as you did in the end.

Goodbye Mook! We love you; you always will hold a piece of our hearts.

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What a loss!
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful memorial. I can tell that you loved this dog very much. He was fortunate to have found a forever family in your home. May every animal out there be so lucky. God bless you and your family for taking care of him. I feel as if I know him.

Best wishes in your loss.


by: Georgia Myers

This is the sweetest piece I have ever seen written about a pet's passing. You made me feel like I knew him as well as my own pet.

May God Bless you and your family.

Georgia Myers
Merkel, Texas

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