Monkey I'll Love You Forever

by James
(San Diego, CA, USA)



It's been one month since we lost our little son. He was always there for me.

Every time I got home you were the one who greeted me, running around excited, even after losing most of your sight. Every time I rested you were by my side. I had to look over you, which made you even more dear to me.

I see you everywhere I go. I cherish the day we can be together again, forever content with each other. My boy Monk Monk, I miss you so much. There's a hole in my heart and a part of me gone forever. Nothing, no one can ever replace you.

Love you forever, Dad.

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Say Hi to Boots
by: James

Booty, 3 years now, my royal prince. You, Monk monk and Yuno belong together, waiting for me.

I love you all so much. It feels as if my heart is empty and I have nothing more in my life. Please be good and wait for us.

My love for you is forever for all of you.


My Love Forever
by: James

Four years now, my love. You are truly the love of my life.

I feel like nothing, an empty soul without you. You brought out an emotion in me so deep and unique that can't be duplicated.

My dream is to be with all my beloved little ones, Zsa Zsa, Boots, Yuno, Dee Dee, and Coco. Oh how I love you all, but my soulmate will always be you, my Monk.

I don't cry every day anymore, but a sadness has surrounded me and still not one day goes by without thinking of holding and hugging you.

Please wait for me, my Monk. I'll be with you again soon.


Monk Monk, My love
by: James

Three years without you feels like three thousand. I miss you so much, my son. You were the one I always wanted to be with. To hug, to hold, to lie next to was all I ever wanted in this life.

I think of you almost all day every day. You'll never leave me.

Please please please wait for me, my son. Have fun with Yuno and Booty. We miss them also. My one true love, Monk Monk.

My Loving Son
by: Dad

Two years next week, my love. I am so empty without you. I think of you every day, now and until the end of this life for me.

I have a medallion of you, one for Yuno, and one of Booty around my neck that I will be buried with. Yours says you are always in my heart but you, Monk Monk, are in my soul. You are part of me forever. The love of my life, my Monk.

Someday we'll get another little boy to love but there is only one Monk Monk. Only one Yuno. Only one Booty. And don't forget Dee Dee. Have fun, and please remember, you have a loving Dad who can't wait to hold you again.


by: James

Our last 4 legged son Boots's time is now with you, Monk Monk. He was in pain a lot and now he suffers no more so it's time for you and Yuno to welcome him.

You comforted me after Yuno. Boots comforted me after you. I'm so happy to have had this time with him.

Tell him we'll be with you all soon, no more pain, no more discomfort, just happiness when we reunite.

One Year
by: James

It's one year since you've been gone, Monk monk, the hardest year of my life bar none. I've been sick, a broken back, near death a couple times early in my life, excruiating pain earlier this year, but nothing can compare to missing you.

Every day I cry for you, hoping, wishing that ultimately we'll be reunited and content forever. That's my dream. Just wait for me with Yuno and keep each other company until Mom and I get there.

Each passing day I get nearer to you, I feel so empty and lonely without you.

You already know how much we love you.

Until then.



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