Molly, My Friend, Sadly Missed

by Pete
(Danville, PA)

Relaxing Molly

Relaxing Molly

I just said goodbye to my loyal friend of 15 years, Molly.

Who would imagine a doberman-beagle mix? But what a wonder you were.

A constant companion and loyal friend.
Tolerant of grandkids crawling all over you even in your old age.
Always pleasant, laughing eyes, wagging your tail, what appeared to be a smile on your muzzle.
Rubbing your head on me to show affection.
Enjoying being petted and a belly rub.
Loving the outdoors where you could chase bunnies in your younger years.
And still enjoying your patrol around the yard and house as if to check to make sure it was safe.
A great watch dog to let us know if something was different.

When you left I was looking in your eyes, petting you and whispering in your ear.

I meant every word.

Life will not be the same.

You are greatly missed.

Sleep peacefully until we meet again.

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