Merlin Shamis

by Carolyn Shamis
(Dallas TX)



My Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Merlin Shamis, was 17 years old when he went to be in heaven.

I am 66 years old, and Merlin has been with me 16 of his 17 years, my constant companion. He went to work each and every day. We lived in highrises, and he rode the elevator all by himself to go to the bathroom. He was the only dog in highrise history to have a board vote him to be able to hang out in the lobby of a 5 star highrise.

Merlin was featured in many television shows, newspaper articles, national and local shows.

He was the most perfect pet anyone could ever have. He brought warmth, joy, honesty, and unconditional love. He was calm, cool, a perfect partner. He gave happiness, discipline and a complete security for me. I felt that he was like my child.

He was loved by all who met him, young and old, and I will miss him with all my heart!

Carolyn Shamis

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by: Angie Johnson

Carolyn, I am so sorry to hear about Merlin. I remember when Emmy worked for you and we got to have Merlin at our home a couple of times. He even went to Arkansas with us once! We loved him so much. He too was so fortunate to have you for his companion. Emmy tried to comment but was crying so hard she couldn't. We love you.

From Andrew and Tex
by: Anonymous


I hadn't seen you for some time. It's Andrew and my Jack Russel Terrier, Tex. I happened to see this on your website and wanted to send my condolences for Merlin. I remember him well and his trips on the elevators in the Centrum amongst others meets.

We have a kindred spirit towards our best friends. Sorry he will be missed as part of your life. You were lucky to have each other.

Best, Andrew Adler

How simple it was to love him
by: T.R.

When Merlin and I first was FRIENDSHIP at first sight. Merlin, thank you for allowing me to know you and also for allowing me to be a part of your life. I will miss you and every moment we spent together is treasured in my heart. Who can top one!!!!

I love you little man.

I loved Merlin
by: Cheryl Rhodes

Merlin and I worked in the lobby of the Plaza at Turtle Creek for about a year...he was my constant companion on all of my shifts there as a concierge. Ms. Shamis would call and tell me Merlin was on his way I would go to the lobby door, and out he would come from the elevator. He helped me greet guests and residents alike, and always put a smile on anyone's face who came into his presence. What a guy!

After about a year, I went to work in Ms. Shamis' Real Estate Office...that made me even luckier! I got to take Merlin with me when I did my errands for the office.

I loved him so much, and yes, I spoiled him as much as possible. I moved away from Dallas in 2003 and he was the hardest "person" to leave. I have thought of him so often over the years, in fact, I was just telling a Merlin story a couple of days ago.

I look forward to seeing Merlin again one day at the Rainbow Bridge, where all pets go to await their human friends. He does not thirst or hunger, he feels no pain, and he is frolicking with all the other pets in heaven who are waiting for their loved ones.

Ms. Shamis, thank you for bringing such a wonderful little guy into my life.


My best wishes to you
by: Cecilia

I never knew Merlin, but he must have been such a funny intelligent dog. I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. I lost two dogs this past year. One of them (Bubba the St. Bernard) was king of heart. Even though I love all my dogs, there is always that special one! No worries though. You know and ALL dog owners know that we shall all be united again.

Merlin the Man
by: Aimee Reiners

Merlin is very missed around the office. He used to come in everyday like our little mascot. He certainly was much more than a mascot, he was a handsome little man that loved everyone he met! You will be missed Mr. Merlin, but I feel your presence is still here taking care of us!

The Perfect Gentleman
by: Aunt Cile

Merlin was quite the gentleman for sure. He was well behaved, well mannered, and got along with everyone at family events. I know that I will miss him.

He adored his Mommie and she will be making a big adjustment to get used to being without him. I'm so sorry, Carolyn.

I know how I felt when I lost our 14 year old doberman, Heidi Von Haufman, and our last doberman, Marley's Blue Haze too. I miss them both.

God Bless.


I never met Merlin, but enjoyed him in the "Best Friends" episode of Sheer Dallas. He seemed like a sweet dog. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.

Merle was a pearl!
by: Lori Martin

Merlin was not really a dog; he was a person wearing a dog suit. Admittedly, he was a bit spoiled. Maybe the most spoiled and indulged creature to walk the earth, but his heart was made of gold. He was as naughty as he was nice; one night he was sitting quietly in the lobby, when a young lady sat down near him. He couldn't resist---and started licking her toes. She laughed and got up, and when another woman sat down, he started the same thing over again.

Because of his lifestyle, sometimes it was very difficult for him to relate to other dogs. He loved people, and loved to dazzle them with tricks.

Merle, we know that all good dogs go to heaven, and that you are there.

Merlin Shamis

I'll miss coming by the Plaza and visiting Merlin.I enjoyed him and his circus tricks, his loving manners.

He was ONE smart dog!

THANKS for all the love and attention!!

Your friend Jarius

by: Jimmy

I walked Merlin for 12 years, Merlin was a gentleman and a very smart little dog. He didn't bother anyone or any other dog or animal around. He received all the attention always. I will miss Merlin alot.

Merlin was 17 but I don't think it was time for him to go.The doctors that treated him for kidney stones and his problems with his hind legs getting weak did not find the problem with his pancreas.

Merlin's pancreas was found to be very swollen and I believe he was having trouble walking and for years because of that pain he must have had. Merlin's new doctor found that only with a sonogram, but it was to late to help Merlin.

I hope anybody reading this that has a dog with the same symptoms has their dog checked for this.

I hope I help save another dog.

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