Meet You at the Rainbow Bridge, Cooper

by Mary Beth
(Jacksonville, FL)

12/7/2006 to 6/7/2014...I miss you so much, my Little Guy. The house is quiet when I wake up in the morning and come home from work.

We did everything together, and not having you here feels like I'm so incomplete. Things will never be the same without you.

Miss your kisses, your incessant barking when you want something, and that smile on your face. Always there when I turn around and having 1st dibs on a particular spot when it's time for bed.

Cooper, you were my best friend. I miss our conversations. Funny how I knew you understood me more that I did you, but we managed.

God took you away too young, but for that short time, we made the best memories.

See ya, Cooper. I know we will and we'll cross that bridge together.

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So Sorry for Your Loss

I am so sorry for your loss. They become such a part of us. I think that in many cases dogs make more sense than people. Certainly they are more understanding and supportive.

I know that we will be united again. How could something that special between us not be recognized by our great caretaker.

We lost a bichon frise called Ruffles after 19 years of good friendship and love. It is funny sometimes, you have a sense about things and the way they may be. I know that I will see that old girl again. She was such a good dog. We used to laugh about her and say that she was very stubborn and did not want to leave her family that she loved so much.

We said that we would never replace her with another dog. Then we stumbled upon a Lhasa Apso at a rescue shelter. He was 3 and had been so abused. We rescued him. I am sure that Ruffles approves.

Chip will never replace our wonderful time that we had with Ruffles. But we now have the opportunity to develop a new and unique relationship and love with Chip. He is so grateful to have been rescued from the situation he was in and now loves us unconditionally.

If you are able to go out and rescue another four legged soul, I can guarantee that this act of kindness by you will be rewarded 100 fold.

A fellow dog lover

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