Luke, My Bud 9-26-09

by David L. Rapp

Luke, My Bud

Luke, My Bud

I lost a bud today. He was 12 years old. His name was Luke. What do I say? I'm not an eloquent person.

I'm trying to put into words what I feel. Do I cry for him or for me?

I stood in the kitchen and turned to look at the door way, just as he fell over. He was trying to go outside to use the bathroom and wet the floor trying.

I rushed to him and put his head in my lap as he groaned and arched his back stiff as a board. Oh how my heart ached as I tried to help him, and looked into those soft brown eyes.

He could not walk. I carried him to the car and drove to the vet, dreading deep down what I already knew, the decision...

A ruptured spleen, the doc said. He also mentioned that there could be another tumor on his liver, after doing an ultrasound.
So I made the decision to put Luke to sleep, because I knew he was in pain.

I gently stroked his head and watched those beautiful eyes go dark and unseeing. Oh how my heart aches for what I did.

He just wasn't a dog. He was a dog who let me be his friend....

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Luke my Bud
by: David

The ache is still here. Tto deaden that ache I found another dog in Jan 2010.

I found him at our local humane society. He's 6 years old and weighed 116 lbs. He's half Lab and half Newfoundland.

He has fit right in with his good manners and yes those soft brown eyes. Tthere are so many reminders there of Luke.

He looks like a Lab on steroids. {insert a chuckle here}

My heart is mending but I will never forget Luke, as I can see where he is buried beneath my kitchen window.

With Sympathy...
by: Skye

David.... I have never even been to this website before, yet this is the 2nd time this evening that I stumbled upon a memorial for your precious and beautiful boy, Luke. And interestingly, Luke's memorial was the only "new" memorial that I reviewed today on Critters. Small world.

I left you a message in Luke's guestbook on Critters, but I wish to extend my deepest sympathy once again for the loss of your beloved Luke. I truly feel heartbroken for you. I know the journey towards healing can feel like a difficult one.

Please know that you may drop me a note anytime thru Critters, and I would be happy to support you the best I can. It always helps to have friends who understand... and you can never make too many new friends, right?

May Luke be happy and running free in a beautiful, amazing place -- a place where you will see him once again someday.

With My Deepest Sympathy,


by: Anonymous

Everyone who is on here knows the pain you have. I had to put mine down last November. Now she is going to get tattooed on my arm. I miss her so much. It's like the pain you never knew was.

Take it day by day. It's a very hard thing to do but I really believe your dog knew it was for the best as he knew you wouldn't do anything to hurt him, so what you did was the right thing.

I try to post my comments for people who are just going through this as, like I said, I have been there. God bless....

John from NH

In honor of your Bud "Luke"
by: tom

Here's to Luke running free and healthy at the rainbow bridge with his new pals that he has met. They will make him welcome and tell him to take a moment and send a bark to you, letting you know he is OK and misses you.

It's Ok to cry.

I lost my little buddy Ned 6 months ago and it still hurts. His memorial is here also. Good luck David.

For Luke and his best friend
by: connie

The day we get our companions is the day we know we will lose them way too early. My Laddie died 3 weeks ago yesterday. But I want to smile at all the precious moments we had. I cry but also smile, thinking of my Laddie.

I think I saw him yesterday for a second. Just my imagination, maybe, but it could also be him letting me know he's alright.

Take care, Luke would want that. You were so lucky to have had him and he you!!!

4-Ever In My Heart Sabbath
by: Laura Schindler

I am sorry for your loss. You cry for both of you. Luke's picture brought tear's to my eyes. The pain is unbearable but my husband and I try to think only of the good times of our buddy, his personality. He was a trip.

I saw someone walking a black lab yesterday and I broke down and cried. We had to put my buddy, Sabbath, down Sept. 8th, 2009. Sabbath was a coal black lab with coal black eyes and he was 14 years old. I miss him every day. My memorial to him is on here.

It is okay to cry because you loved Luke.

Take care,


by: Susan Blackshere

My tears are flowing for your loss. I know how you feel for I lost my boy named Riley 5 months ago.

You were a wonderful dad. Hhe will be waiting for you and you will meet again.

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