Lucy, LucyLu, LuLu, BooBoo, WooWoo

by LoriAnne Hancock
(Hot Springs, Montana)

LoriAnne's Lucy

LoriAnne's Lucy

Lucy was the pick of the litter, a runt and the 8th puppy on a Mama with seven teats. She became alpha in her cleverness to stay on top of the puppy pile so she could get some chow. For the longest time I thought it was me she came barrelling out of the hut to see.

On Valentines Day, when she was 5 weeks old, she came to live with me, Harry the dog and Simon the cat. First thing she did was walk under the cat, who a few weeks later, was caught with his jaws around her sleeping throat - detected in the moonlight.

Lucy and Harry ate out of a two-sided bowl and when her mentor and partner in crime passed away, she ate half hers and half his to let me know she understood. LucyLu was elegant, with a feathered tail that wagged clockwise and counterclockwise and communicated in thumps.

During our years together, she brought me so much peace and gave soooo much love. She was blessed with a shaggy soft coat that flowed gorgeously and hid her eyes periodically. We went for a lot of car rides, and after half her life, moved from the city to the country. Lucy appreciated the horses and respected their space. I can't say the same for baby cats, whom she would stalk, then lay down and watch for hours and hours.

LuLu was a peacekeeper - she was very sensitive and disliked disharmony. If I was sad, even one tear would spur her out of sleep from another room to come lick it off. Her kisses were so sweet and soft and warm. She liked to lick my eyelids, and after a while I'd do the same to hers and she'd moan with pleasure.

When it got hard for her to get up, I gave her MSM and within three days she was moving like a pup. I always shared my food with her and realize now that she's gone my portions need to be cut or I'll gain weight. Still saving the last bite...

On January 16, 2010, at 6:05 a.m. she took her last breath. At 14 years and 16 days she had become listless and I'd moved her food and water to be with her. She moved into another room and that made me check on her more frequently. I told her "Lucy, you have to GO, and I have to STAY." I told her I would be alright and although I don't think she believed me, eight breaths later she was gone from this earth.

She's buried deep in my heart and no matter what her form when we meet in the great beyond, our souls will recognize one another and we will be together once again.

Thank you for reading this.

Lucy's Human

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