Lucky May You Rest in Peace

by C Marie
(Burton MI)

My 14 year old yellow lab named Lucky was put to rest today. He was my best friend!

He was an awesome dog that everyone loved. He was a loyal dog who protected each and every one of us at his home. I believe he felt it was his job, and he did it well!

He was so full of life, and even towards the end he didn't want to give up, bless his heart. He had several tumors discovered inside of him, he had arthritis in his hind legs quite badly, although he never whimpered about it. He also developed this horrible sore on the side of his face that was infected. He would not stop scratching it, and we did EVERYTHING possible to make it better and just couldn't!

Finally, I asked our vet if he thought it was time to put him down, and he said, as a friend, it is time. It totally broke my heart, but I realized too, that it was time.

He went down so peacefully in my arms. Part of me was happy for him that he did not have to be in any kind of pain anymore, but a bigger part of me felt soooo bad, like I gave up on my dog, or I let him down in some way.

When they move on to the Rainbow Bridge, is there any part of them that are mad at you for putting them down? I just feel so guilty!

My Lucky was the Best Dog Ever! I love him so much and will always remember him! And all of the good times we shared together!

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Shared Grief
by: Anonymous

I so wished my poor ol' girl could pass "naturally," and spare me the decision -- it was the most difficult one I had to make. But I read that only 25% of pets are able to pass on without assistance...and mine, having a strong heart and indomitable spirit, needed my help. Please know that Lucky knows that you love him and only did what he needed to help him. My heart is with you.

Not Your fault
by: Pat

I'm so sorry for your loss. I just went thru same thing last Sunday. It's going to take some time to grieve and come to the understanding that you did the very best you could and are not to blame for having your beautiful dog put to rest.

Their bodies just wear out like ours, and you made the merciful decision to stop his discomfort like any loving person would want to do.

My Beau had arthritis in his back and legs as well, and got to the point where he couldn't stand up for more than a minute before sinking down onto the floor.

When pain meds and surgery don't help there is truly nothing left to be done.

Your dog knows that you loved him and only wanted the best for him, so be forgiving of yourself. Slowly you'll begin to feel a bit better and will be able to heal.

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