Lucie You Are Missed -- No Tears Left!!!

by Annette

Lucie, we adopted you in November 2006. You were so tiny and shy. You were the perfect cavalier king charles because you had the thumbprint on your head. So Holden (my son) and I talked grandma into buying you. That little mark on your head was an extra $1000.00.

You and Charlie (another cav we got 6 months before) became friends and were together all the time.

Walking into the bedroom and looking on the side of my bed just isn't the same. You are supposed to be there or I'm supposed to hear you wanting to go out and pee as you are looking at me like "Hello, I'm ready," but you are not there anymore. Your bed still is though. I can't move it yet.

Charlie is a lost dog without you. He still looks for you. He won't sleep on the one dog bed anymore. He just looks around all the time, waiting for you to come home. It's sad and makes me cry when he looks sad. He will go out to where you are buried and lay there every morning.

Your death hit me so much harder than I ever expected. I still find myself tearing up, like right now. I wish I could just see your eyes looking at mine one more time, or even an accident in the house.

I'm so sorry for getting upset the last month when you had a lot of those accidents. I didn't know you were sick at all. After you passed it all added up and made sense though you didn't know you were doing it.

I'm so sorry Lucie. I love and miss you so much. Waking up that morning I was so shocked to see you had died. Hearing you cry that night was painful for me but I had come to the conclusion that I was going to take you to the vet that morning and have you put to sleep. I didn't want you in pain. You couldn't use your legs and you were breathing so hard that night.

But you must have known that would tear me up so you spared me having to do that. Thank you so much because it is hard enough now. I would have lost it had I done that. Just know you were a great friend and dog. We will always love you and miss you!!!

Love, Annette, Holden, and Charlie

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