Loving You Was Easier Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again

by Marie
(Sligo, Ireland)

You in your prime

You in your prime

My beloved boy, this is my 5th day without you. No words can describe my pain of separation from you.

I miss everything about you. I miss you waiting for me to come home, I miss you running towards me with your big basset ears flopping. I miss the look of delight on your face at seeing me. I miss the warming in my heart at seeing you. I miss your big paws wrapped tightly around my neck as you hug me. I miss letting you out and letting you in. I miss you going to the sink and indicating to me that you wanted a drink. I miss looking out the window and just watching you observe the world around you.

I miss you chastising the goats. I miss giving out to you for chasing the cats. I miss scratching your belly and I miss you moaning at me when I stopped. I miss you asking me to bring you for a walk and I'm sorry I didn't bring you on enough walks. I miss you checking to see what I bought you when I did the supermarket shop. I miss the proud way you would waddle off with the big sausage that was your treat. You brought it over to a certain area of the garden to enjoy at your leisure.

You were my companion, my friend, my confidant. I didn't realise you were my rock, my source of unconditional love. The light went out in my home last Monday. It's a grey place without you. How many tears can one person cry?

What would I give for another day with you? I'd let you sleep in my bed with your mucky paws. I'd let you in the car even if you covered it with hairs. I'd bring you for a walk every time you asked.

Thank you, my precious boy, for coming into my life 7 years ago and helping me through some difficult times. I thought I was the one who rescued you, but you were the one who rescued me. My love for you will last forever. One day we will be together again.

Goodbye, Walter. You are in my heart, my precious.

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by: Adam

A lovely piece and what a lovely dog. I lost my collie Carter 4 days ago. My life just feels completely empty. Even in his weakest state he licked the tears from my eyes.

Your memorial really helps at a time when a grown man starts crying on the train for no apparent reason other than his best friend has gone.

With Love
by: Linda

Ah, Marie, you have me in tears here in the office! What a lovely tribute to Walter. XX

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Sharon and Angela, for your kind words.


Truest Love
by: Angela

So sorry for your loss. There is a hole in your heart and your life, but how lucky to have the experience of such true love. May you find peace and comfort and know you wil be together again one day!

My heart has many holes from over the years of missing my beloved animals, but their love is forever in my heart and soul.

Memories of Your Beloved Pet
by: Sharon

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it can be as I lost my Carley back in May. I still cry almost every day from missing her. She gave me the unconditional love no one else could possibly give. We lived through good times and bad.

Don't let anyone tell you not to cry or be said, because he was a member of your family, your baby. I read where sometimes a beloved pet comes back in some form to tell you they are OK. This can happen in many forms. One form could be you could catch the sight of your pet out of the corner of your eye dashing past or just feel its presence. I don't know if you believe in spirits, or not.

My dog used to sleep with me. About a week ago I woke up out of a dead sleep and I could smell her smell and I could feel her presence. It was a very strange feeling, but a good one as I am glad I now know she is OK.

Someday, we will look back on all the funny things they did and laugh. They will always live in our hearts. In the spring I am planning on getting a puppy. Somehow I know Carley would approve. Our pets will always live in our hearts. We also know those wonderful creatures will be waiting for us at Heaven's gate.

Take care.

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