Losing Yogi

by Diane Luffman
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Our precious little girl

Our precious little girl

Today is the end of a 14 year loving relationship. Yogi was old, falling down stairs, losing her eyesight, but every now and then she would have the energy of a puppy. Everytime I had to clean her accidents from a failing bladder, my heart would feel heavy, knowing the end was near.

She woke up this morning, walked around her yard, checked on all her people (Mom, Dad, Tara, Catie and Jessica). She begged at the table as she always did and patiently waited for her morning treat. As Dad got the kids off to school, I was able to spend some quiet moments with her in the crisp fresh air in her favourite spot on her deck.

The sound of the car returning made my heart sink once again. Dad was home and the time had come. As we put on her collar and leash, tears could not be held back. I kissed her one last time and said goodbye.

When her Dad returned without her, we cried for what seemed like eternity, telling each other it was "best" for her. It will never be "best" for us.

Goodbye precious Mutt Face, until we meet again.

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Life Goes On
by: Diane Luffman

We now have a new "mutt face" in our life. Her name is Mya and she is a beautiful girl. We will never forget Yogi and will keep her in our hearts forever, but for here and now, Mya is our precious gift.

Why did they have to die?
by: lucy

My loss of my dog, Noora, was very sad too but we all knew she was too old to live any longer. WhenIi found out my dog died, tears came spilling out. I feel your pain.

Dog Love
by: kathy

I feel so bad for your loss of Yogi. My dog died 3 months ago. It was very sad to see him go but my 2 kids and I had to move on and continue our lives without him. We think about him every second of the day but we know we will see him soon.

I Feel Your Pain
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the loss of your Yogi. 5 weeks ago we had to put my best friend, Molly, to sleep. She was in kidney failure. The last few days of her life broke my heart. We prayed for a miracle, then we prayed that she would die on her own. We finally had to do the kind thing for her, although it nearly destroyed us.

Molly was a perfect cocker spaniel. She was a therapy dog with a zest for life and a love for people, all people. She got me through so many things in my life that I know I never could have gotten through without her.

A week ago, we brought home little Maiya, a Shih Tzu. She is not Molly, she will never be, no other dog will ever be. But Maiya is making us laugh and she already loves us. I believe Molly had a paw in helping us find Maiya.

Molly was special, like your Yogi. They gave us unconditional love that will forever stay in our hearts.

Your Yogi is gone
by: sophie

I feel terrible for your loss. It reminds me of when I lost my shi tsu. It was horrible. I cried too, so crying isn't bad.

We Pay
by: laurin

I feel really bad.

by: tara

I am so sorry, but without Yogi my life and your life are over. I feel your pain.

Your loss is very horrible
by: catie

Hey mom, I came to this web site because I love Yogi too, a lot. When he was gone I cried a lot, so I am sorry for your loss and my loss too. I loved him.

The Price We Pay
by: Lisa

Making the decision to euthanize a loved companion is never easy for us. I work in a veterinary hospital and have assisted in many euthanasias, but none prepared me for the parting of my own loves.

A week ago I made the decision to put my lab, Jazz, to sleep. I went alone; the older kids were at school and my husband stayed home with the three year old. Heartrending doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is a high price we pay for loving these furbabies.

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