Life with Roy

by Laura Prouty
(Baltimore, MD)

Roy and Don get ready to take a wife

Roy and Don get ready to take a wife

When I met the man who is now my husband, I fell in love quickly. We were in our late forties and didn't believe in wasting time. We had wasted enough already. In learning about him, he spoke fondly and often of his dog Roy, who was staying temporarily with his son and ex-wife in another state, as Don had just relocated to take a new job.

It didn't take us long to decide to live together and when the decision was made, I asked when his dog would be joining us. He brought Roy home the next weekend. Roy walked into the kitchen, looked up at me and again, I fell in love quickly. My only request when Roy moved in was that he not be allowed in bed. My request being made when his master mentioned that Roy had always slept with him.

Bedtime came and Roy sat by my side of the bed and looked up at me, cocked his head and mentally asked if I wouldn't reconsider. I answered out loud "alright, come on" and up he jumped. For the next 8 years he split the night with us every night. The first half with my husband, then he'd hop down, walk around to my side and cuddle with me for the rest.

Although Roy had been my husband's faithful companion for 7 years before I entered the picture, there was never a jealousy issue for him. It was as if he knew at our first meeting that I was a good choice for them both. Roy was such an important part of our family that he participated in our wedding. He joined us for road trips and was a part of our everyday lives. If one of us were sick, he didn't leave our side and I swear he could understand every word we ever said. He was part of "us."

Never have I been so close to a pet, and there is not enough room here to speak of all his wonderful traits and amazing personality, but we have always said he was like a little person in a dog's body.

After three years of diabetes and blindness, cancer finally took him from us four days ago.

We are heartbroken, but also so blessed to have been loved by Roy. As I held his little face in my hands and the vet set him free, I realized that our pain now, and for however long it will last, is well worth having our memories of life with Roy. We wouldn't change a thing.

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To: Laura and Don
by: Karen

My oh my!!! What a truly beautiful person you are, Laura. Ron was extremely fortunate (and Don too) to have you as the woman in the house. What a lovely trio you all made.

I know that your hearts are still aching for Ron but don't you worry. Ron knew that you three were the best. Love never dies.

My heartfelt sympathies!

A Love Story
by: Violet C

Laura, this is a beautiful love story! I just fell in love with Little Roy. Cherish your memories of the value that he has brought into your lives.

Thank you
by: Laura

Thank you all for your kind words. We miss Roy very much and our other dog, 110 lb. Boxer, Rebel, is grieving very hard. Roy was Rebel's little "big brother" since we got Rebel at 8 weeks old almost 6 years ago.

We are focusing on him now and trying to make him comfortable with being an only dog The house is a different place for sure. Any suggestions for helping Rebel will be much appreciated.

by: Wayne

Beautiful story about Roy. I am sorry for your loss. Roy will always be with you in the memories of the good times you shared together.

Sweet Roy
by: Brenda

I sat here and read about Roy. I know how you feel. I cried for the loss of Roy. I wish you a great marriage. Roy will always be with you in your heart.

Roy is always with you
by: Denise

I am so sorry for your loss. Roy was such an amazing dog. I know it is hard for you without him. But remember he is always with you and Don.

by: Jean

What a beautiful story, Laurie. You are an author. What you wrote told anyone who reads it what a precious pet/family member Roy was.

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