Laika... Born a Dog, Died as an Angel

by June R. Dumanhug

Our very dear dog... Laika

Our very dear dog... Laika

I never have understood the feeling of my mother when her companion for so many years-- a dog -- died because an insane dog bit her, until I lost a dog named Peanuts. It took me days, even weeks, to recover, and then I said to myself, "I won't love a dog that way anymore."

But I met a dog named Laika. She is owned by my best friend's brother-in-law. I "borrowed" her for few days -- then days became weeks and weeks became years.

Laika is so dear to me and the whole family. She slept with me, stayed under the chair when I was watching TV, went with me anywhere. In short, we really had a great time together. But that great time is over.

Today, my dog passed away. It hurts me really. Lately she was ill. I even told her, "be strong. Don't leave me." This is the second time that my soul grieves for the death of a dear dog.

Laika, wherever you are now, I know that you know that you are loved by me, by Nanay (mother in Filipino language) and tatay (father), and everybody in the house.

You will surely be missed...

I love you, my dear dog.

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To June
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

June, I'm so very sorry to read of Laika's passing. I read the part where you said she was like a human and it hit me - FINALLY.

I now think that they are not humans but this is how we'd want a human to be. It's the reverse. I often wonder what it is with these loving dogs why our hearts melt so much when we're around them. Basically, all humans crave love and if we don't get it from other humans in our daily lives, we fall for the pets.

Laika must have been a really lovely dog to have. She's in Doggieland in Heaven and is at peace. Big bear hugs to you... Peace and Love.

What about another Laika?
by: Bebotte

A dog is a man's best friend, so the cliche goes. I, too, am a passionate dog lover (what with the kissing and hugging I do to it amidst my parents' and now my husband's warning glances).

Laika was once a part of our family - she was with us for four years, but we had to send her to the Dumanhugs (thank God we did as she was in better hands) because my son was asthmatic. She was the typical LOYAL dog, always following her master, and when reprimanded looked at you with pleading and soulful eyes.

I remembered Tatay Loloy (June's dad) telling me last July, during his birthday, "Believe it or not, when Laika is not feeling well, I always include her in my devotional. She is such a kind dog, acting like a human..." It struck me then, how Laika affected the lives in that home. Yes, that home. She was a family to them.

Now that she's gone, I'll be very happy to give Jack to them (I can hear my sons protesting!!!). Please float the idea to the olds, Madam Defarge.

Laika...Born a Dog, Died as an Angel
by: june

Laika died on August 6, 2011. She didn't survive the operation. She'd been ill due to a "tumor" in her uterus.

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