by Randy
(Fort Wayne, IN, USA)

Baby Girl

Baby Girl

Kyra, you are missed more than simple words can express. You were a beautiful, loyal, smart girl.

We had just celebrated your birthday and the next day I took you out to do one of your most favorite things, run. You knew what the word meant. All I ever needed to say was "run, run" and you were right there ready to go.

A 1/4 mile into our run you collapsed. I tried to revive you as best I could until we could get you to the vet. When we got you to the vet, they tried to revive you also but in the end they could not.

Now I feel so alone. There is a very empty spot in my heart without you here. I woke up at 3 this morning, expecting you to be up or at least making the sound you normally would make in the middle of the night. Instead, all I found was deafening silence.

How can I replace such a perfect companion? You were always there when I needed you. Always there to listen to me. Always there to give me kisses. I will so miss coming home and hearing your bark at the door as you anticipated me coming through the door. I will miss seeing you looking out the front window every day as I would leave for work. I will miss our runs, walks, and all the time spent lounging around as I would pet you or give you a nice belly rub.

There is a saying that a dog is man's best friend, and in your case it couldn't be any truer. How do I ever fill the void the is left behind by your absence? How do I go about doing the things that we did together without thinking of you and then thinking that you were taken away much to soon?

I find myself praying to God that Dogs do go to Heaven. I can't imagine that He would give us such a perfect loving companion only to deny us their presence in eternity. So Kyra, I hope to see you again. One day, when I pass on, as I am approaching the gates of Heaven, I hope to hear your playful bark greeting me home. But until that day comes, my baby girl, I pray that you rest in heavenly peace.

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I feel your grief
by: Anonymous

We lost our beautiful GSD on August 27, 2010 suddenly, just like you lost your Kyra.

I understand the silence of the night because Ava slept in our bedroom. She was always there when we went to sleep and when we woke up. We miss her more than words can say.

I understand.

by: connie

I think they do go to heaven. Bring another baby into your life. It is a tribute to the love you had for Kyra. There are a lot a babies out there and you seem like you have a lot of love to give.

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