Koosh, I Love and Miss You

by Cindy
(Salt Lake City)

My Koosh Man

My Koosh Man

It has been almost 10 months since I had to make the unbearable decision to euthanize you. I ask myself all the time, was that the right thing to do? I hope that you are running around and not suffering anymore. I know that you stayed with me until your poor 14 year old body could not go on any more!

I miss you so much. We shared a bond that was full of love and admiration. You were my big boy, my confidant, my best friend. It's not the same without you, Koosh! I do find little things around the house that I think you purposely left for me to find so that I will be reminded of you. I feel you close to me sometimes.

It's hard sometimes to get through the day and even more the nights without you by my side. Bri often expresses her missing you. Ty has had nights of crying for you. Kara didn't eat after you were gone, she was sad without her Koosh Koosh, her protector. Lola misses her play buddy. We all miss you so much.

My love will never falter. Until we meet again my boy...

Love, your mommy, Bri, Ty, Kara Bella and Lola

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To Cindy, Owner of Koosh
by: Karen

I read your account of Koosh. By the way, he's a really cute-looking doggie.

I was most touched by him. He was a very pretty dog and I'm sure you had lots of fun with him, judging from the picture of him with his spectacles.

Cindy, I'm still grieving badly over my dog, Tiger, whom we had to euthanize 3 weeks ago. I keep asking myself if it was the right thing to do, just like you. Sometimes, I feel so guilty but there was no other way; he was in pain and suffering due to cancer of the lymphatic glands.

I know how you and your family must be missing Koosh so much. As hard as it has been for us, we're trying to move on while still keeping Tiger's memory with us - all his toys are still around.

We got another dog (who strangely enough, looks like Tiger but a lot bigger) that belongs to a family that is migrating. We look forward to sharing love and companionship with him.

My doctor said that the sooner we get another pup/dog, the better for us, or else the sadness of the loss of the last pet can make one physically ill (which is what is happening to me right now). It is extremely hard but the sooner you turn another page with a new pet, the better.

But, your Sweetheart Koosh will always be special ,and no doubt you will always remember him. God bless you and your family in these difficult times.

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