Killed in the Line of Duty

by Carrie

Shiloh, a black lab, was a leader dog, but couldn't be used as a leader dog because he was too friendly/social.

We received Shiloh as a surprise for our daughter's 12th birthday Nov. 2006. It was love at first sight. Shiloh was 5 years. old.

We never had to chain Shiloh. He stayed in our yard without an electric fence, and was a happy, lovable, and friendly dog.

Testimony of his death. November 3rd, 4 am:

I was awakened by a gunshot, and another shot following the first. I immediately ran out of bed to look out the window. Through the window, I saw in the back of our yard two flashlights held by walking individuals, whom I couldn't make out because it was dark. I followed the flashlights around the west side of our house, to the street.

I was now looking out the front of our home, through my eldest daughter's bedroom window. I then woke her up to explained that I had just heard a gun shot and to stay put. I opened the window so I could hear what was going on, and if there was any sort of danger. There were two police officers, holding the flashlights, approaching their parked squad car. There was also an officer at the squad car.

During this time I was curious why our dog, Shiloh, was not out front barking at them. From where I was I could hear them talking. I do not know which officer said the following, because I couldn't see their faces in the dark.

"It was an f-ing dog, It was like f-ing black lightning, he f-ing came out of nowhere, and I f-ing popped him. I popped him again.... He was down... scared the hell out me."

As I was listening I was in shock, wondering if they were talking about Shiloh, our beloved lab. My daughter Carlie was in bed, but awake and said she could hear them talking loudly, but didn't make out their words.

I called out the window to them to explain what was happening. They approached the bedroom window, and informed me that they were tracking a perpetrator that was possibly in involved in a B&E on Campground Road. According to the officers, as they were searching in our back yard, our dog charged them. That is when they shot and killed Shiloh. They told me that they were regretted to inform us of what happened.

At this point they asked me to step outside. I immediately woke my husband to tell him what happened. We went to the front porch and they spoke to my husband first, because I went to get a coat. One sheriff said that our dog jumped on him (Romeo Officer), and the other officer (Macomb sheriff officer) shot the dog in defense of his partner. They apologized, said they were doing their job, and unfortunately these things sometimes happen.

Obviously when hearing this, my husband and I were both disturbed and upset. First, our dog was a well trained leader dog and never jumped, and if he did, why would an officer shoot at him if he was so close to the other officer. My husband then asked the officer (whom our dog allegedly jumped on) to show him dirt, tear or blood on his uniform to prove that the dog had in fact done what they had said. The officer did not respond to our question. But, there were no visible signs that our dog had jumped on him.

After this, my husband asked why they did not use another means of defense against our dog. For example, pepper spray, a tazer, or a club? It seemed that the officer's intention was not to deter our dog, but to kill him. We were completely confused as to why the officer's first reaction was to shoot twice at a family pet.

The night this incident took place, there was a full moon, and our barn doors were open, the interior light was on and the exterior constant floodlight was on. Anyone who was in our driveway would have had a clear view of our dog. The officer shot our pet 15 feet from the barn, where he sleeps.

Aftermath: Daily trauma with our kids, thinking constantly about him, weeping while putting away his food, bowls, play toys . My daughter doesn't even want to go outside.

My husband and I both leave for work in the early morning, and usually our children are still asleep (our eldest is 17). Before we felt totally confident that Shiloh was watching the house and they were safe from intruders. He was an excellent watch dog and would bark if anyone came into our yard. We are at a loss as to how to replace a part of the family, a loved animal of three years who was my daughter's best friend. He was a loving and loyal dog, and watched over both ours and our neighbor's homes.

Our next door neighbor is a single mom, with 5 and 8 year old boys. Shiloh was their dog too, and Lisa appreciated that Shiloh would warn her of any intrusion on her property.

We could get 50 testimonies of friends and neighbors who have known our dog to be a loving and gentle creature, who has NEVER ATTACKED or bitten anyone!

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I'd file some kind of suit
by: LA

You can find out a lot about that night thorough police reports which should be public. You may have some kind of basis for a suit. This would show your kids you can stand up for yourself, your rights, your property rights. What it will not show them is the face and fur of your beloved. I'm so sorry for your great great loss.

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